Penguin Startup Screen



I have for everyone now a JK2 startup screen. This one only changes the background to a picture of a penguin with the words "Fear the penguins" on it. No other changes. Fortunately, unlike many other startup screens I have seen, the buttons on this one do not block the image itself, at least the part that was intended to be seen. All it covers in this one is some ice and sky.

So... Uhhh... There's really not much to say. Give it a download if you like penguins, leave it if you don't. But remember... FEAR THE PENGUINS! THEY DINE ON YOUR SOUL IF YOU FAIL TO DOWNLOAD THIS FILE!

I'm not going to have this redirect like a real version two, since it's more of a new variation than any type of modification or correction; it's basically a completely different launcher. Ryojin's position holds though: if you like penguins, give this a try. It uses a completely different picture and text, and while I personally think the first version is of higher quality, I'm not obsessed with penguins either. I mean they're cute, and they're penguins so they're awesome, but I have no ridiculous penguin infatuation, so my opinion of the images is unimportant. ;)

Download at your will.




*Star Wars Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast startup screen.*

Name:    Penguin Startup Screen
Author:  SnakeEyes21

Description: its a penguin.. and buttons...

Install: Put the file named 'Product.bmp' into: 
C:\Program Files\LucasArts\Star Wars JK II Jedi Outcast\Install

Unless you have installed Jedi Knight into another location.

*(Note: Make a backup of the original file before install the file.)


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