Perfect Ep 2 Sabers II

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Developer STARWARS continues to work on his Perfect Episode II Sabers mod, with the ultimate goal being to match Episode II's various sabers as closely as possible. He says that the glows and saber trails have been updated mostly.

Also included this time around are three add-ons:

1. A version for JediMod's TCK.

2. A "charged" lightning version with even new sounds (electrical shock-types of sounds).

3. An "Alt-Saber-On" sound, if you don't like the default saber-on/saber-off sounds provided.

I think this is excellent, thorough work, and shows off a great deal of perfectionism.

Nice job!

New Graphics: Yes New Sounds: Yes




Perfect EP2 blades II 

    Title : Perfect EP2 blades II

    Author : STARWARS

    E-Mail : [email protected]

    Website : www.aotctc.com

    Programs used : Adobe photoshop 6.0 , cool edit pro 2.0 , paint , paint shop pro 7.0 , winzip and a freaked out computer :P

    Built time : well, i cant say that, but it was a very looooooooooooong time to get the sounds and saber right :D

Description : this the second version of Perfect EP2 blades.

             This mod consists on a re-design of the lightsabers on jedi knight2 jedi outcast,
            providing them the feeling that look like the blades from the second episode of the starwars saga.

            - This pack contains :  Perfect EP2 blades II . pk3 ( the blade mod itself, with sounds included )

                                      TCK version . pk3 ( the TCK version for jedimod based mods with TCK features )

                                      Charged Sabers . pk3 ( lightning look lightsabers , with custom sounds too )

                                      ALT saberon . pk3 ( a extra saberon , if you dont like the default one that came with perfect ep2 blades II )

Changes :   i didnt improve the blades much, i only softened them a bit , the major change are the glows and the saber trails ,
          i made the colors look like the real EP2 glows ( the lightblue blade, mace windu purple ... etc ).

            Perfect EP2 blades II also contain custom sounds, from the second episode of the saga, With a new Saberon ( this one is great ) and EP2 SABERHUM!!!!!

              -  This also contains a TCK version, to be used on jedimod based mods or with the TCK sabers option ( This time i changed the glow, making it great :D )

            This time i decided to include ( instead of the flame sabers ) LIGHTNING SABERS , with custom sounds .

             - ALT blue is an extra blue saber glow, just in the case you dont like the original, it is seen on the fight between anakin and count dooku .

              - The final, and not the least, a little file that lets you change the saberon included on Perfect EP2 blades II, if you dont like it , called ALT saberon.


Instalation : For : Perfect EP2 blades II , extract it to your gamedata\base folder of jk2 

                    TCK version II , extract to your gamedata\jedimod, or gamedata\forcemod , or gamedata\omnimod, you know what i mean :D

                   Charged Sabers , extract to your gamedata\base folder

                    ALT saberon , extract to the same directory of perfect EP2 blades II, if you dont like the defaul saberon of the file .


I recommend that : erase other saber mods ( not hilt models or models ), or they will interfere with the blade ( sometimes it happens , other it doesnt )


Credits to : Darkskywalker , who made the sparks of charged sabers, and the blurglow ( GREAT WOKK DUDE!!! )

              Raven software and lucasarts for making this wonderfull game 


Special thanks to : everibody that supported me at MSN messanger , like : Koolbrooky , Ace-_ventura , L3onheart for his help, and someone i might have forgotten

                      Anakin leader of aotctc mod ( www.aotctc.com ) , for supporting me , and 

                       My friends here at Portugal 


Dedicated to : Eduardo Silva, Rest in peace , and may god hold your soul 



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