Perfect Sabers Episode 2 Plus

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StarWars has done it again! This time with a few MODs packed in to one Zip file. If I were him i would have named it StarWar's Saber Oack or something. Anyway, very nice detail on all 3 MODs: Flame Sabers, Perfect Sabers Ep2, and Enlarged Sabers. My favorite is the Perfect Sabers Ep2, maybe that is why the author named his saber pack that. Very nice detail on the Ep2 Perfect Sabers, they really do look like the ones from the movie. The Flame Sabers MOD makes the cores of the sabers look lke rising flames, very cool! And the Enlarged Sabers MOD makes the cores of the sabers really fat, not my cup of tea, but i guess it is for some of you. Yet again another great saber MOD by StarWars. Keep em coming man!

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Perfect Sabers EP2 plus   - Jedi knight 2 modification

AUTHOR : Starwars

E-MAIL : or

VERSION : Its an extra version of 3.0


  DESCRIPTION \ CHANGES  : This is an extra version of my saber mod Perfect Sabers

                            It includes new features and many extras , the main changes are the 

                            Episode 2 sabers, wich i thinned a bit and made a little pointy ( anyway, i couldnt round it more :P )

                            The following Extras are included : Flamed Sabers : an alternative look for the sabers ( making them look like color flames )

                                                                Enlarged Sabers : An extra saber mod, that makes your blades Thick and shiny.

                                                                EP2 sounds : sounds of episode2 ( i modified original sounds from jk2 )

                                                                EP2 Glows : Glows of EP2 to use if you like with Enlarged Sabers:)

     NOTE : EP2 sabers and Enlarged Sabers have got TCK version for RGB sabers

  INSTALATION : Choose one of the saber mods and extract to your Gamedata\base directory of jk2 , the same for the glows and sounds ...


         TCK INSTALATION : extract to the mod folder wich has TCK saber mod

                               Ex: for jedimod - gamedata\jedimod

                               for forcemod - gamedata\forcemod

                                and so on... hope you like it :)


CREDITS : to all my mates in Jedicouncil Clan, to Jedi2 and readme for keeping moral up , I also want to thank Pheen-e-kass

         for helping me and supported me ( and for teaching to take good screenies - thanks dude !! ) .


Special Thanks to :  George lucas , my friends Filpc , Fonkas , and JV AND A GREAT SPECIAL THANKS TO PORTUGAL , MY HOME :P


* Copyright / Permissions *


              Fell free to improve this file , i just want the sabers to look perfect :).


Please enjoy this mod cause i worked very hard on it :)

                  Thats all folks   

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