Phantom Knights HQ

This map has an arena in the centre of a large room with a black pit below. You can get on/off this arena by two walkways on the sides which...


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This map has an arena in the centre of a large room with a black pit below. You can get on/off this arena by two walkways on the sides which lead to a room with an elevator which takes you to another room. Pickups and things along the way to 'pick up' of course! There is a third walkway that takes you to this small corridor high in the wall, though it doesn' t seem to lead anywhere. [It appears that the door can be opened though I guess I couldn't :/ either way, there is something beyond that door so check it ;)]

Included in the zip is a separate pk3 containing the Phantom Knight skin. It's basically a reskin of Kyle except with a few additions to his gear and wearing the clan colours. (Note: This skin replaces Kyle in-game)

Bot Support: No New Textures: No New Sounds: No Game Types: FFA, TFFA, Holocron, Jedi Master and Duel

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Download '' (2.3MB)

Author: Digital Vapor (aka- [PK] Azlon)


Clan Website:

Name of the MOD: Temple of the Phantom Knights or Phantom Knights HQ

This is the official map of the Phantom Knights clan.(BTW I am now accepting applications. see the website) It's design theme DOES pay homage to Duality. In addition to the main rooms and landing platform, there is a practice/meditation room, and an observation room for watching fights on the main platform. I wanted a surface for the main platform that helped create that perilous feeling when the player looks down. I tried grates but it wasnt good enough. I tried a few other shaders until I came to this energy shader. it was the perfect effect for the feeling I wanted. While the majority of the map is accessable in no force games... 
                 =====There is one hidden secret that will require one of the force powers to access!=====
Now sure you can play without finding the secret, but I will give you a couple hints that may encourage you to find it. For starters the secret gives you control of the only TRAP in the map. This trap can be loads of EVIL fun ::maniacal laugh:: Now your tips on finding it are this. Remember some of obi-wan's words and actions. "Your eyes can decieve you, dont trust them." And for those of you who saw Episode 2, Remember how he got back into tipoca city after the fight with Jango? Now that should be enough to set you hunting. But if you are really stumped just think about this. If someone can see you, but you cant see them, where would the most tactical place from which to launch traps be located, in relation to the best place to set the traps? If you think like a mapper you may figure this out quickly. If worse comes to worse, you could always use force seeing to track someone else who found it already. 

THERE IS NO BOT SUPPORT--- Quite frankly the level took me 4 days to make, and it was hard enough getting it working without having to figure out bot support. Maybe later down the line, I'll add it. OR if someone else wants to add bot support, just email me.

I am also including the optional Phantom Knight Kyle MP skin. Theres no team colors, and no bot as there is no bot support for this map anyway.

*****KNOWN BUGS*****
There are some obvious texture problems. I cant explain this because the look fine in radiant. There is another bug i cant figure out. The fade kill when you fall to yur death doesnt work properly. YES it kills you but the fade out and death animation do not work. This makes no sense to me as it has worked in other maps i have worked on, so when you fall to your death, you scream but you just stand there on the bottom until you respawn. Also, no matter what I do, I cant get the bottom of the yavin skybox to line up properly. other than that, Theres nothing really bad. but if you find a bug PLEASE let me know.

Raven for making this game

to install extract the pk3 files from the zip file and place in your base folder inside Jedi knight 2 directory
then load map, choose your character and have fun. You could use this as a duel map but its a bit big, so its better for a saber only FFA

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