First of all, there is more than one man behind this, but since I can't list more than one person up there where it puts the author, I'm g...


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First of all, there is more than one man behind this, but since I can't list more than one person up there where it puts the author, I'm gonna list them off here and just put up the compiler. Dest, Tchouky, The Eternal, Renegade of Phunk, and Chosen One are the ones responsible for this superb hunk of data.

What this mod does is, combine the much talked about Jet Pack mod with the latest version of the wildly poppular Jedi Mod, and I believe it includes a couple extra hilts for the pack as well.

I suppose that much sums it up, you know these mods, you love these mods, now love them together. That's one hell of a three way.

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//  phatMOD

This mod includes all of Tchouky's code for rgb sabers and model scaling.

Title			: phatMOD v1.0

Author			: Dest (Tchouky's mod is also included), The Eternal &                           		  RenegadeOfPhunk (Star Wars : Team Assault Mod[coming soon]), & 			          cHoSeN oNe

Compiled by             : cHoSeN oNe

E-Mail			:

File Name		:

File Size		: 7796 kb

Date Released		: 09/02/02

Description		: This is a combination of Dest & Tchouky's JediMod 1.2 and ROP & 			  	  Eternal's Jetpack Mod demo all compiled in Visual Studio.NET...
			  - Also added 2 new saber hilts to |:|ReMaRk|:| saber hilt pack. 
                          - Updated tckmodel.cfg also enclosed.

			Main Features:
			-Type 'bind <key> jetpack' in the console to bind a key to the
			 jetpack. Use directional keys, jump (climb) and duck (dive) to fly

			  NOTE: You must first enable Jetpack in the command console if you 				        want to use it. Simply type:
				"set mod_jetpack 1" in the command console will enable this. 				 To disable, just type "set mod_jetpack 0"
  			   This portion of the mod is intended to be used in conjunction 			   	   with the Mandalorian models w/ jetpacks.(Boba and Jango Fett). 			   	   The jetpack can be activated with any model, but it won't
			   look right! ;)
			  -Known issue: No jetpack flight sound when saber activated.
			   This is not a problem for our mod, and therefore we do not plan                              to 'fix' this issue

			  Enjoy :)

			New stuff in JediMOD1.2:
			-Amazing new hilt pack made by |:|ReMaRk|:| specially for
                         JediMod v1.2 with 45 new hilts. (be sure to read saber_readme.txt)
			-22 new emotes!  For a total of 31 emotes!

			-Multiple Taunt Sounds! (you can hear yoda go weeeeehehehewhoohehe)

			-New move for orange style if your using only one saber

			-mod_cheatprotection variable that makes it so players can't change
			 models if they are close to other players.  
			-bots can now use hilts.
			-no more file size limit on tckmodel.cfg

			-This is a full version so you don't need JediMod 1.0 or JediMod 1.1
                        Other stuff in JediMod:
			-Can wield two sabers at once.

			-Hilt models can be selected like player models.  

			-Two added stances with new special moves for five stances total.
			-You can search for JediMod games by hitting the all/Jedi Knight II
 			 game toggle button

			-skill mode, toggled with mod_skillMode, causes damage to be area
			 specific.  So if you get hit in the head it does 2x damage while
			 getting hit in the legs does 0.9x damage.
Installation		: Unzip into the GAMEDATA folder. All of the files inside of the zip 			  should end up in the folder gamedata/phatMOD/

Execution		: select the phatMOD v1.0 in the mod setup screen.
			  Or use the command line argument +set fs_game phatMod
			  ex. "C:\LucasArts\Star Wars JK II Jedi Outcast\GameData\jk2mp.exe"
                               +set fs_game phatMOD

Comments		: Remember that you can only play this mod if the server has it and
 			  is running it.

			- This mod is opensource, feel free to improve upon it.

			- Have Fun !
			-Jedimod Thanks to: |:|ReMaRk|:| for the wonderful hilt pack and 			 	 other help with the mod,
				Tchouky for the great model scaling code,
				keo718 for the updated tckmodel.cfg list,
				Ask(thats a name) for his grappleing hook code,
				NickR for helping me with some of the bugs in JediMod,
				everyone else in jk2coding for being there so I could ask
				them questions, Raven for making a cool game and for the
				ghoul2 api, and everyone who downloaded the mod.

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