Poo skin (v3)

You guys may remember Sai-Wan and his review of the Poo skin: POO!

Okay. First time I saw this skin, I was simply b...


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You guys may remember Sai-Wan and his review of the Poo skin:


Okay. First time I saw this skin, I was simply baffled at the fact that someone decided to make a skin of well, Poo. I’m going to stay away from explaining the reasoning behind why someone might have wanted to make a skin of…Poo, and instead focus on what the author has updated since his last submission.

New sounds. Yeah, the author took the advice of adding Poo reminiscent sounds and frankly it’s disturbing. When you jump, man, I really don’t want to know what it is that is making that Squishy noise…goodness is it ever nasty. The author was generous enough to include an extra PK3 of alternate noises. You guessed it nasty as well, when you take damage. Well, your skin cuts the cheese, same with the added taunt. Wonderful for insulting a fallen enemy! LoL, jeez it’s just that…this skin is POO! LoL Aight, something else that was changed was that there’s now Bot support and that’s always a good thing, no matter how tasteless a skin might be. Granted the Skin itself remains the same, no team support either. That could have been a good thing and a bad thing; I don’t even want to know how Team support colors could have been achieved

*hurl* So now you have a POO skin. Now you can antagonize your clan mates and friends alike by taunting them with farts! JOY! LoL, this skin is priceless. I have to recommend it because it’s so unique and just plain old funny

Well, what can I say? The author took the advice of the fans of his Poo skin and he added new sounds in his second version. He also seemed to have added a new taunt for the third version. But y'know what? I didn't listen to it. I refuse to listen to it. Just hearing the jump/roll sound was enough for me. *gags* Okay, so the other thing that }DJ{ Monkey added here that completes his completely tastless skin is team support. There's now a red and blue version of this ... crap. ;) I can't believe I'm saying this, but I'm curious to see what you creat next.

Bot Support: Yes Team Colors: Yes New Sounds: Yes


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Download 'pooskin3.zip' (827KB)

Jedi Knight II & Jedi Knight III
Auther info
Name : Charlie Banks
Online name : }DJ{ Monkey
e-mail : chazzer2002@hotmail.com

File info
File names : Poo.pk3  & POOdifftaunt.pk3
File type : Skin

Can work with Jk3
Added Team Support

Put the Poo.pk3 in your gamedata/base file.
If you want to have the different taunt just put the other file in there aswell.

Delete poo.pk3 from gamedata/base
Delete the poodifftaunt.pk3 from the base.

Me for reskinning the hutt model.
Duncan for allowing me to reskin his model.

Thanks for downloading.

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