Proton Skin Pack



Here we have a new skin pack for JK2, entitled Proton Skin pack, and no don’t worry, its nothing to do with physics!

Now there’s not really that much I can say about this skin pack, because the modifications are pretty simple. Saying that, they do drastically change the skins ingame.

Basically several of the player models have been re-skinned in solid grey and white, which certainly proves to be a startling contrast! On the chest of the re-skinned Kyle model, you can see the name ‘Captain Proton’, so presumably he is the leader of these proton guys. ;)

These re-skins do replace the base player skins however, so you will have to choose between these and the normal skins for these player models. This pack also changes the lightsaber hilt and changes the lightsaber blade colours slightly too.

Points the author could work on: Personally I think these skins need more detailing, they are just solid grey and white afterall. And whilst the contrast is effective and I’m sure some people will like the style (they reminded me of comic book superheroes) I just feel they need more on them. On the plus side though they do have team colours, and I think the sharp contrast between the bright colours and they grey actually looked pretty good!

Personally I quite liked the style, but like I said I feel they could use some improvement. So if you like the look of these skins and want to give them a go, go on and give them a download! :)

New Sounds: No Bot Support: Yes (The skins replace the base JK2 player models) Team Support: Yes


**Note** I took screenshots of several of the skins, including team skins and put them all in one picture (below) to give you an idea of what the skinpack contains. But bare in mind that this is only a selection of the skins, there’s plenty more that I didn’t manage to fit on there!




Created by: Drummer_2
Email: [email protected]

Description: this is my 1st mod.
This is a mod that reskins alot of the people in the game to look like team mates. exept the reborn i made that 1 4 fun.
- Kyle
- Lando
- Jan
- Reborn
- Jedi
- Jedi2
- Jeditrainer

So they look like a team

this mod is created by Drummer_2 
You can use this in other mods if you want just put me in the credits

1. put the Proton Skin Pack.pk3 int the the base folder in your game directory
2. enjoy

1.Brent Price (A.K.A. Dentian) (Saber blades)
2. MonkeyKungFu(original unedited Anakin Saber For kyle)

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