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This simple but very cool "skins" replaces the purple lightsaber skin with one that's much cooler in my opinion. The core of the lightsaber...


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This simple but very cool "skins" replaces the purple lightsaber skin with one that's much cooler in my opinion. The core of the lightsaber will be somewhat transparent, giving it a nice effect. Although it has no groundings in the star wars universe, this is my favorite mini-mod after Enyak's dismemberment mod up until this moment! This mod will work in Multiplayer also, only YOU see it, same thing for player skins, other people must have it too :)

Oh and guess what, Enyak's dismemberment mod (unedited and credited) is includes in this file!

Here's some additional screenshots I took of this nice little mod, enjoy!

2177a.jpg 2177b.jpg

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Download 'purplesaber.zip' (16KB)

    Jedi KNight II Jedi Outcast Mod

    - New variant Lightsaber skin -
    and Dismemberment mod by ENYAK.

Author : Glassworks

Email : Rico_Stallion@hotmail.com

Website : N/A

Description : Replacement 'purple' Lightsaber skin

Installation instructions : Extract the PurpleLightsaber.pk3 file to your GameDataBase 
folder under your main JK2 install directory, and run the game.
Either choose the purple Lightsaber from the MP player setup screen, or, in Single Player - 
press [Shift] + [~], then type "HelpUsObi 1", without quotes and press [Enter], now type
"saberColor purple" and press [Enter] - done! Syntax is case-sensitive

Please note: In Multiplayer, only YOU will see the skin.

Approx filesize : 16.2KB

Version : 1.0

Buld / creation date : April 3 2002

Category: Skin

ATTENTION: This MOD also INCLUDES the dismemberment mod by ENYAK - is included as-is!

This is just a cool effect achieved with Raven's alpha channels - it is not meant to
reflect any true StarWars weapon, and should not be taken as such. It just looks good.

Also, I can't figure out how to change the color of the streaks of the fast-moving blade,
which is why I am making you use the purple saber, otherwise, the streask would be blue 
and look wrong, if you like, edit the PK3 file and rename the skin to blue_line.jpg,
this will look crap, but you won't have to ask ObiWan for cheats.

Please e-mail me if you know of a better way to achieve the effect without cheats.

I would put in copyright info, but anybody lousy enough to steal a jpg file that took 
all of 30 seconds in Photoshop needs more than a legan notice to fix what's wrong with them.

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