This is a map that is more based towards dueling and listening to music than anything else. And it’s more based towards dueling without havi...


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This is a map that is more based towards dueling and listening to music than anything else. And it’s more based towards dueling without having falling hazards, or making everything totally sealed off.

The construction of this map isn’t too bad, in fact I really don’t have any qualms with it. The only real qualms with the map I have are that you can’t really go that far when you should be able to. Want an example? A hallway that you can start to go down, but can’t proceed after a certain part; a chasm that you can’t jump down to your doom; these are the kinds of things I am talking about. Why not complete the hallway? Why shouldn’t we be able to jump down to our dooms?

That point aside, I have one problem with this map, and it’s mostly because of my taste in music. I hate music that has repetitive beats and rhythms, as well as lyrics that are strife with swearing, and racial slurs. Yes, at least one song in this map uses a racial slur. Luckily, listening to these songs is optional. To toggle a song, you go to a pillar and use it. However, if you’re already playing a song, it will just play the new song along with that one, so you get an icky mix of Rap and Hip-Hop. While they themselves are icky, it’s even more icky if they mix. I don’t have a problem with this map, just the music that is in it. As I said, luckily it’s optional.

Oh, and might I add that 57MB for a single, small duel map is kind of absurd.

Bot Support: Yes New Sounds: No New Textures: Yes New Music: Yes Gametypes: Duel, FFA, CTF


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Download '' (56.62MB)

Readme File:

Title : QUEST
Author : ___ACROBAT___
email : [email protected] and [email protected]
AIM= acrobatc101

File Version: 1.0
size: 57 megs
File Name : quest.pk3 
Completion date: 02/17/2007, 7 minutes till midnight



Well this map won't be for everyone. This map is for people who like Hip Hop and dueling both. First off here is alternated source to DL the large map from in
case filefront is not working. This source may only be up for a while though (a year or so,) You will need to click the down pointing arrow. 

So this being my sophmore map served as my introduction to shaders and learning photoshop. I still don't know much about the actual lines of the shaders, but at least I am familiar with
some of the main ones. In the futire I'd like to learn about what all the compile commands mean and more about the actual lines in the shaders. I intended to do more with this map,
 but I got tired of it and wanted it to be done. I like Sock's temple of the magician and wanted to take a stab at alpha
 blending but I never bothers (maybe next time.) I also liked that flag in arevass a lot and some other neat shaders I've seen. My last and first map, Exploration2 was just learning 
gtkradiant more or less. That map took like 10 hours minimum everytime I compiled so I wasn't keen to the idea of even testing a shader and was too new to mapping to make test maps.
Well this map started after I got Norman to help me adapt a skyportal for jk2. The problem wasn't jk2 it was
that I just need to update the compiler and add some new entities into my mp_entities so that gtk could load the _skyportal. If you look at the actual 
jpegs of my skybox (open them from pakscape\winzip\winrar), you'll notice the jutting rock formations are in the jpegs\skybox themselves in addition to
being in the skyportal. I intitially thought- no I can't make a skyportal so I'll just use a camera script and put my rock formations into my skybox so 
it's kinda like a skyportal. MaceCrusher pointed me in the right direction for the camera tutorial. Actually, he suggested Im put the camera in a skyportal 
with a triggger to the spawn point. This allowed me to general a skybox from a skyportal. Once I got those jpegs I put them into my map as well as a new skyportal. 
I never really understood the advantafge of using a skyportal to generate a skybox because just using a plain camera script in a rooom worked the same as far as
 I could tell, but that's what I did anyway. Mace said he and Szico used that method for some map although I'm not sure which or why they would do that method. 
Anyways back to the actual skyportal I used for my map, hum hum, once Norman helped me get a skyportal to work, I decided the ones in the skybox were a little 
too large but still added a OK effect so I left them where were. As for the skyportal
itself, I took a yavin model that is in jka but not jk0 and covered it in a dark green grass texture 
i made in my photoshop. I would have used the grass texture I used for my actual level but the skyportal was soooo tiny that it appeared ultra enlarged so I
just used a dark grass that I made from stratch. I then started experimenting with the trisoups and quadsoups that immenor 
used in some of his maps, and after that I just decided to make a small duel map. 
Immenor has a tutorial on map-craft and so does sock on simland for the soups. The name QUEST was originally supposed to 
be the name of the sequal to exploration, but I liked the name and o well. I used Szico's alpha channel 
tutorial for the grates and the cool alpha shadows. His normal mapping tutorial was used
for those orange-lit grates and the back wall in the hallway. I used a program called crazybump in order to generate the TGA files for the normal mapping.
The nvidia plugin for making bump maps (normal maps in my case) worked also but not as well nor as easy.
I used the phong shader from sock's Simland site to round out the terrain. Lastly I used immenor's tutorial on grass sprites to make the grass shader.

After I made the initial terrain, I had around 4000 brushes! I merged most of them and cut it down to 700-800, but I imagine each
brush still had many many faces in some cases 8-20 faces so there is probably still high tris.Once I added the duel platform and hallways, I ended
 at 1153 bruhes and 312 entities.

I made buttons you can press to listen to music- but they play in yr sound not yr music so you can't adjust the music alone in yr setup (you'll see what
 I mean.) There is no way to stop music from playin as far as I know in jk2 so once one music starts you must wait for it to fnish before hitting
 the next button. I saved the music 0at 128 Kpbs but I wonder if 160 worked?- I never got around to testin it.

So I tried to make a reasonable sized dueling area with nice surroundings yet with reasonable fps. I had some people test it and 
they didn't complain about fps but IDK we'll see how it goes. The idea is just a compound on some sort of alien planet that is embedded in rock. 
Part of the platform was destroyed by a IDK use your imagination. The reason I destroyed it was that I thought the grass would look cool coming thr the 
grate and I also wanted to actuall be able to see the grass shader once in a while rather than it being hidden underneath. The map is bot routed and has
tffa spawn points.I used physics clips to pretty much box people in so people didn't run around hiding in some odd place they wall run and kick flipped 
so no one can get to them while others wait to duel.

I created from stratch in photoshop the following textures:
	sci_fi_metal_base, birghtyellow (that one was easy!), metal_fill. grass, metal_fill, sci_fi_caution,sci_fi_metal_details, sci-fi_metal_floor 
	sci_fi_metal_wall, sci_fi_metal_wall2, sci_fi_metal_wall3, sci_fi_metal_wall4, sci_fi_metal_pipes, beam.tga, and whitelight.

I created grass3 (phonggrass3) and grass4 from "Mayang's Textures." I just took his grass photo and made it seamless and then enlarged it a tad.
Rocknew (Phongrocknew in the shader) is also from Mayangs photos. These textures are available at Mayang's free textures site
I purchased his cds so I could use his textures although they may be free for everyone to use even if you don't purchase the cds.

beam.tga I made from stratch, but I used the beam.tga file and shader form Matrix_dojo map (image size and idea) as an example to do mine.

The sky shader was form jka with my slight modifcation via the script camera. "Light" and "c_floor" were taken form jka tho I modified.

"grasseditorimage1" was taken from immenor's sprite tutorial on map-craft. He gave me permission to use it. It is a all white alpha channel tga file.

"plant" was a free sprite texture taken from gamebeep . 
I modified it with varios green overlays and shadows to get rid of the white outline and made it into a tga file.

**********beta testers**********
I lost track of all who tested but thanks Shroom, Kai, everyone on map craft, Rhiom, and x[WiE*Jacheduli]o for doing a lot testing. There are some more so
don't be offended if I left you out.


Especially helpful people- Norman, Immenor, Szico, MaceCrusher, Rhiom, all people on map-craft and Teamwookiee and others.

Books that I thieved from and used (I used a lot of their tutorials and some of their concept art):
3d Game textures by Luke Ahearn
The Dark Side of Game Textures y David Franson
Photoshop Elements, the missin manualby Barbara Brundage.

I knew little to nothing about the copt of photoshop 7 I took from my mom who never used it before I started using these books (highly recommend)

I stuck to all hip hop. If I had mixed types it would have been too much I thought. I put some stuff in that was popish even though I was kind of bored with
some of it I thought other may like, but I'm loving the new Roots song.
	Blackaliscious - "aural pleasure" from blazing arrow
	Outkast- "Wheelz of Steel" from ATLiens
	Jay-Z - "december 4th" from the black album
	D J Danger Mouse - "Public Service Announcement" from the grey album, which is the black album overlayed on the Beatles White album
	The Roots - "baby" from Game Theory
	Common- "new wave" from electric Circus
	Immortal Technique - "Freedom of Speech" from revolutionary volume 2
	Dead Prez- "animal in man" from the album "Let's get free." (this just beat out Dew Rags although maybe I chose poorly.)
	Nas - "Affirmative Action" from It was written

**********Compile I used*************
Well I tried a bounce 8 but I found it makes yr map about 30% brighter and messes my shadows. Like ill have my map good to go and then do bounce 8 and have
to redo all the lighting just for the better compile so I used the regular final without bounce 8 plus some things Norman and Szico said would enhance normal
maps. I'm posting this in case it is of value to others.

The Phong shader works better with the -shade command for whatever reason

The normal map shader works better with these commands for whatever reason

-samplesize 1
-samples 3
-thresh 0.1 

bsp_q3map2/q3map2: (final) BSP -meta, -vis, -light -fast -filter -super 2 -v -patchshadows -shade -samples 3 -thresh 0.1

**********Cover model*************
That is Rosario Dawson for those of you wondering. I had a nice Sin City soundtrack that I wanted to initially play but
I had no way to turn it off so I junked it and have no music playing unless you hit a switch.

* Map Information * 

Bot Support yes
New Textures yes
New Music yes
New sounds no

Game types are ffa, duel and tffa

* How to install * 

Just put the quest.pk3  in GameData\base in your game directory

and here's some mumbo jumbo

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