Rageous Marx

To really appreciate this skin, I think you would have to read about his character (in the readme). Rageous Marx is based on the Tex Qui-Gon...


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To really appreciate this skin, I think you would have to read about his character (in the readme). Rageous Marx is based on the Tex Qui-Gon Jinn model by Toonces. The author of this skin seemed to have fun working with textures. :) The screens don't do it justice - it looks better in the game. I especially like the work on the face and the streak of white in his hair - nice touch.

Though, I do have a few complaints. The default taunt for this skin is a Reborn taunt. :| There are a few others included, so I guess it's okay. Oh, and the blue team skin ... odd how he's completely washed out ... devoid of color. I don't know if it was intentional or not and I haven't decided if I like it or not. Overall, decent job. :)

Bot Support: Yes Team colors: Yes New Sounds: Yes (taunts)


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Author: VladimirPuttinX
E-Mail: RuntPea@optonline.net
Skin Name: Rageous Marx

This is a reskin of the Tex_quigon skin.  I don't know the original
skinners or modellers of Tex_Quigon which it was from originaly, but 
without their work I wouldn't be able to make this skin.

                           Rageous Marx DISCRIPTION

	Marx is a Jedi of my own creation set in the New Republic Era 
who once abode by the ideals of: Truth, Justice and Righteousness.  
But it was these very ideals that would turn him against the Academy, 
the Jedi and the New Republic.  Born in the slums of Ord Mantell, he 
witnessed many atrocities.  Including the murder of his older brother 
and savage maiming of his father by several remaining BlackSun radicals.  
He longed for justice, which he hoped to provide if he could be trained 
in the ways of the Jedi.  Since he was young he had minimal telekenetic 
abilities, and he knew these were traits of the Jedi.  It was his intention 
since childhood to harness these abilities and get himself into the  
Jedi Academy of Yavin 4.  These hopes were fulfilled when he succeeded 
in getting into the Academy.  But early in his training he decided that 
the laws of the school and the mandate of the Jedi code were too rectricting 
for him.  Many who knew him believed his hopes of cleansing his homeworld of 
all evil was farfetched, which justified his decision to eventually 
leave the academy once he felt he was ready.  But Master Skywalker 
embraced his ethics, believing it was a plus to his force talents, 
something that would anchor him from the dark side.  This misscalculation 
in motives blinded Luke from predicting Marx's eventual leave.  Once Marx passed 
his final trial of constructing his own lightsaber he was considered an official 
Jedi Knight.  It was time for him the leave for Ord Mantell to begin the mission of 
freeing "his people" from the "plague of evil" of the streets.  It was here that his 
ideals corrupted his very being.  
	After Marx left the academy the lack of Master Skywalker's 
guidence caused Marx to lose his sense of discipline which the adacemy has 
given him.  Marx became a rogue Jedi without laws to abide by, anything he deemed 
unlawful in his eyes was a death sentence to the guilty.  The constant killing took 
it's toll on Marx.  After years without the proper guidence he needed Marx developed his own 
ideals in the way of the force.  To him, killing the "guilty" was an indulgence 
to the light side, which blinded him from the true nature of his actions.  Though he 
was not a true Sith, his hatred for the "unjust" and the "justified killings" were of 
the dark side.  Tainting him forever.  For the rest of his life Marx would be a 
rogue Dark Jedi lashing out at those he saw fit to kill.  Until the Yuuzhan Vong war 
he was free to carry out his mission, but he was killed in battle when the Vong conquered 
Ord Mantell like so many other worlds.  Unfortunatly for him his distance from the true 
light side would not allow him to become one with the force like so many others before him.  
His mission was his plague, his weekness, and eventually his prison...


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