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Ever wanted to just go on a rampage and blast everything around you with complete and utter disregard for strategy? Thanks to Dark Maul, tha...


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Ever wanted to just go on a rampage and blast everything around you with complete and utter disregard for strategy? Thanks to Dark Maul, that ability now exists. But, strategy is necessary, to some extent at least. This mod, aptly named Rampage, gives Kyle, as well as all other NPCs (besides Lightsaber wielding enemies) repeaters. But these aren’t just ordinary repeaters. These are repeaters with infinite ammunition and an insanely fast rate of fire. We’re talking complete craziness. When you pull that trigger and the gun starts firing there is pretty much no stopping it. It really is tons of fun. The mod also reduces all NPCs health to 1 point. Thanks to this, firing upon a large group of enemies makes them drop like flies and is oh-so-fun to watch.

In addition to the main mod, Dark Maul has also included a couple mini-mods that I feel fit very well with the game. The first changes the repeater to a red shade. It looks very nice without looking too out of place. The second mod changes the Heads-Up Display to the same shade as the repeater. Now, I’m a huge fan of red, so I think I’m going to go ahead and keep that around for a long time. For those who aren’t fans of these new red items, the mod has been split into two .pk3s for easy removal of the offending items. He has also included some new sounds. They aren’t spectacular, but I never see anything wrong with trying something different.

Because of the ease of the game with the repeater, I don’t feel this has too much replay value, but it’s more than worth a download. That’s when it really gets fun. Of course, it doesn’t really get fun until you turn the difficulty up to the top notch. Energy blasts fly all over the place, making it hard to see at times. I can’t say I’ve had this much fun with a single-player mod in a long time. Excellent job. :D

- Daku

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Download 'rampage_mod.zip' (256KB)

|Rampage Mod|

Author:	 	Dark_Maul

Mod:	 	Rampage Mod

Email:	 	Wfuqua@indy.rr.com

File size:	258 Kb.

Purpose: 	I made this for fun. It adds an entirely 
	 	new strategy to the game. 

Description:	This mod gives everybody (except lightsaber-wielding NPCs) repeaters.
		All NPC's are at one health except for friendly NPCs.
		There are new sounds and new Alt-effects or the repeater.
		You start with 4 force powers (force heal, jump, push, and mindtrick)
Comments:	There are two pk3's in this mod. One has the basic Rampage Mod in it and
		the other has a Red Repeater and HUD. Not everybody liked the Red Repeater and 
		HUD so i split the mod up.

Installation: 	Unzip to your GAMEDATA Folder. You can activate the mod two ways. one way is
		to go into to setup\mods in the game and the other way is to double click on the
		.bat file included in the Zip.

Credits:	Alt effects and sounds: blue.dl

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