Raschu's Mystic Big Cats Skinpack



cats.Two primary characters in this pack, the panther and the tiger man. As stated by Raschu in his readme, we has:- Open Mouth and Close Mouth versions- Black/Gold Armor- Gold Armor- Gold Armor in Shorts- Team SkinsWhich is a pretty diverse selection...kinda. Lotta gold, which I can see for the tiger as being acceptable, but mister panther's gonna lose his nightstalking advantage will all that shiny gold D: oh well, at least he has thumbs.So, there's a rather weird bug surrounding these skins. The Panther and Tiger's faces are INTENSELY bright in JK3, no matter what map you go to. This is not the case in JK2, which leads me to believe that somebody wasn't testing much in JK3 >_> *wags finger of admonishment +1* Since I've never seen this issue before, I can only really assume it's a shader problem, which is beyond my educashew. That's about the only major issue, as the bright face issue led me to believe the panther was actually going "big grin" which amused me mightily.Other than the bright face issue, the rest looks great. The whole ensemble brings to mind some sort of ancient Mayan animal god or something like that. Very slick, very majestic, and very intimidating, all around. I reckon if you fix the shader error, we'd have quite a nice addition for all JK players...cept JK1, but that's a given


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