Raschu's Mystic Wolf Pack

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skin with a huge makeover done by the author. There is multiple variants available to play as in-game, so you shouldn't get bored of this pack to quickly. To the review!One of the first things you'll notice is the dramatic makeover to the whole body. The author added what seems like some sort of armor that was ironically scary and mystical. The textures on this skin blend so well together and that's one of the best parts about this skin pack. To be honest, I was kind of happy when I saw the screenshots and tested these skins in the pack. Now, obviously a skin cannot be perfect, so there is some spots where the textures aren't as blended well, but overall, the textures are still awesome. The creativity and imagination that was exerted into this pack is wonderful and I'm glad the author put a lot of effort into these skins. Also, you'll notice that the skins in the pack has unique design textures. Each of them fits perfectly with the theme of "wolves." Now, even though the author did not make these textures by himself, he heavily edited them and put a lot of work into them. Each texture on the body, including the hood, has new and creative textures as you can see. As we move on, we come across the face. Now, when I first saw the new face, I did not like it. Although, after looking at it for awhile and testing the skins, I came to love it. Even though it could of been done better, it still looks pretty well placed. Obviously the wolf face is what makes these skins a "wolf pack," so without it, it obviously wouldn't make much sense. Anyways, the pack includes various types of wolf faces for you to choose from, as well as different eyes. So, this gives you the chance to create the perfect wolf! If you ask me, looking at the face for to long gives you the creeps! Or maybe that's just me.. >_>Oh, how could I forget the lovely color variants? Instead of just having a skin pack with all of the same colors, the author decided to be unique and make this pack drastically better. The color variants include:Goldish-TanSilverBlackish-BrownRedBlueEach of the different torsos have one of the colors mentioned above. Last but not least, we have the new sound pack . I was half expecting it to just be the boring, "Hahahahhaha" sound file, but I was proven wrong. The author decided to be, once again, unique and add custom wolf sound files! I'm not going to ruin the surprise by revealing what they are, so you'll have to find out! :DOverall, this is an pretty well done skin pack. As far as improvements go, I'd say try to work on the textures some more and improve the wolf faces. They could use a little tweaking here and there but that's just my own personal opinion. Anyways, keep up the great work Raschu! You have wonderful potential that could one day turn into professional skinning and even modeling. I'll definitely be using the skin pack quite a lot!If you are into wolves, werewolves or just like the supernatural feeling of this skin pack, I'd recommend downloading this. :)New Sounds: Aye (Check them out!)Team Support: Aye (Two different types)Bot Support: Nay~Syyrax


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