I suppose to understand this skin, you have to understand the Ravnos clan (a clan from the RPG Vampire: The Masquerade). You can read more a...


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I suppose to understand this skin, you have to understand the Ravnos clan (a clan from the RPG Vampire: The Masquerade). You can read more about the clan below, in the author's readme. Now onto the skin that is inspired by the Ravnos clan. The skin is based on the Jedi Trainer model and the few changes that were made seem insignificant, unless you compare the two skins, side-by-side. Which is exactly what I did.

The Ravnos skin is much paler and the skin seems smoothed out. Of course, there are those glowing red eyes, and the skin is missing the collar, belt and shoulder pad that the author seemed to dislike so much. The Ravnos skin has a much more uniform feel to it. Which, to me, seems odd for a Vampire, but as described in the readme, this isn't your everyday, run-of-the-mill vampire. ;)

Before stating my opinion, let me just say that I need to stop comparing skins. Grrr. Everytime I do, I'm disappointed by something, one way or the other. And without further ado, I think the Ravnos skin is lacking personality. The glowing eyes, I guess, are kinda cool, but by removing the lines and shadows in the face, you lose so much character. And the clothes are far from interesting. Everything about this skin seems so, for lack of a better term, plain. However, I could be looking at this skin in a different light than it was intended. Maybe it is meant to be plain, so the Vampire doesn't stand out in the crowd. Not that the author didn't do a good job, it's just not a skin that I would download.

Bot Support: Yes Team Colors: Yes New Sounds: Eh. (Reborn)


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Title			: Ravnos
Author			: MMM_Gidgiddoni (Dale Harty)
E-Mail			: [email protected]
Website			: www.angelfire.com/alt/mmm/gidgiddoni.html

File Name		: gid-vampire2.pk3
File Size		: 732 KB
Date Released		: 4/19/03

Description		: In a merge between Vampire: the Masquerade (White Wolf's RPG) and the Star Wars galaxy, I bring you a new and improved vampire for use in Jedi Outcast.  He is of the Ravnos clan.  Most of the clans of vampires in VTM are normal looking (usually anyway) so as to not arouse suspicion of their true nature.  These vampires are NOT like Brahm Stoker's Dracula or the traditional, sterotypical vampires that most are well acquainted with... please keep this in mind.  Why the glowing red eyes then? Vampires have normal eyes, except they glow red when they are angry or aggressive, as this one is fighting with lightsabers... he is aggressive.  Besides, it looks cool. :)

"If ever a clan was renowned for a wickedly black sense of humor, the Ravnos would be that clan. These Cainites are deceivers of the first order, weaving illusion and lies into elaborate schemes to part the foolish from whatever it is the Ravnos might fancy - be it wealth, blood or even their victims' freedom. Like Mephistopheles or Old Scratch, the Ravnos ply their devil's deals with whomever they choose, be it human or Kindred, and woe to those who wind up unable to pay the hidden costs." - White Wolf Online

In short, Ravnos are looked down upon for their gypsy-like nature by the other clans.  In fact, Ravnos are often found in gypsy travelling parties and are considered one of the more cunningly dangerous and deceptive clans in the galaxy.

Comments		: My brother like myself is a perfectionist and saw that he really liked the Jedi Trainer's hair... so he wanted me to make him a custom vampire based off of that mesh without the goofy collar, belt, and shoulder pad and retarded skin.  So instead of my original Galak version I based this one off of Jedi Trainer. Also he wanted the eyes to actually glow.  So here you have it.  Glowing red eyes, pale skin, totally redone clothes that fit into Star Wars garb, and blammo!  Ravnos in Star Wars.

This Ravnos' personality file is modeled after my brother's character, Darion Gidrey, the silver-tongued pool-sharking nomad, who prefers to back his play with action and misdirection rather than words.  

Installation            : extract gid-vampire2.pk3 to your gamedata/base folder

Red & Blue Team colors  : Yes
bots                    : Yes
Custom sounds           : No


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