Raztwu'h (v2)

The first version of this skin was reviewed by DeathBringer: I like Desann skins, so having two the same week is very nice. This...


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The first version of this skin was reviewed by DeathBringer:

I like Desann skins, so having two the same week is very nice. This skin is named Ratzuwa. Raztuwa. Raztwuhu. Oh heck I can’t spell it lemme just copy and paste. Raztwu'h. There that’s it. Anyways it’s a nice Desann reskin. For one the author has changed the skin so it’s no longer purple. Then he’s changed the clothes to blacks and purples, two colors that I like together. My only problem with this skin is that it’s a little to dark so it loses some detail. And the lack of new sounds or bot support. Still I like this reskin for some reason, it just fits me. Nice job, keep up the good work.

Raztwu'h replaces Desann and he definitely has a much more malevolent look here. The second version of Raztwu'h hasn't changed much. In fact, I don't see a change at all - except in the team skins. Which is a change for the better. The old team skins kept Desann's look, with the armor and small details that you should all recognize. In the second version, the author has darkened the skins and made the red and blue more muted. I really like that. The skins aren't complex or anything - there's hardly any detail at all. But it looks good for a Desann reskin.

The only other thing that the author has added to this skin for the second version is bot support. Since this skin does replace Desann in SP and MP, I suppose it wouldn't work by replacing his sounds. This is still Desann, just a darker and meaner version of him.

Bot Support: Yes Team Colors: Yes New Sounds: No


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Download 'raztwuh_v2.zip' (675KB)

November 26, 2003 Jedi Knight 2: Jedi Outcast modification
Skin's Name             : Raztwu'h
Author                  : Shade
Email Address           : shade_jo@hotmail.com

Skin's description      : This is this is the improved version of my Raztwu'h skin. It has new team skins and a new bot in it.

Other info              : This is the first skin i made for JK2. Hope you enjoy it!

Additional Credits to   : Raven, Lucasarts

Thanks to               : People who try out this skin!
* Construction *
Base                    : Based on the Desann model. Used the reborn torso and  
			  after that i colorized it with Pain Shop Pro. 
Editor used             : Paintshop Pro, ModView
Known Bugs              : none
Build/Animation time    : A few hours

* How to use this skin *

Extract Raztwu'h.pk3 to the \gamedata\base directory under your Jedi Oucast game directory.  You need to start a new game,
as I don't think it works with old saved games.

* Copyright / Permissions *


You can do whatever you like with this, but please give me some credit if you do so.  If that
includes the clothes, please credit Al MacDonald as well.

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