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Now here is an incredibly useful little collection of scripts/binds. The RCON Navigator will let you cycle through a list of varibles that y...


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Now here is an incredibly useful little collection of scripts/binds. The RCON Navigator will let you cycle through a list of varibles that you can change using rcon. That means never having to minimize and go find out what command you need from some site that has them listed somewhere ... ever again! At least, that's what I hope it means. :D

It looks like Noricle put a lot of work into this little mod and for those of us running servers and change varibles often, it'll be put to great use. *keeps in her base folder*


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Download 'rcon_navigator.zip' (10KB)

This Selector was designed and produced ENTIRELY by Noricle.
Any questions, comments, or to request a version of your own please send an
email to me and I will see what i can do.  MAKE SURE to include JK2 RCON Navigator
in the subject line of your message, or it will very likely be deleted!

***  RCON Navigator  v 1.1  ***
Game Application: JK2 Jedi Outcast
Author: Noricle
Email: noricle@hotmail.com
Created: 09-06-04
File Info:
There are 9 total files.  They are:

rcon_admin.cfg  (main file - execute ONLY this config in game.)

admin_slap.cfg ----\  These files contain the RCON admin commands
admin_kick.cfg -----\ that can be applied to players in game.  
admin_sleep.cfg ----/ This selector is setup to handle a max of 24
admin_wake.cfg ----/  players in server.  Must modify if your server has more slots.

tffa_maps.cfg---\   These files contain the Map Lists for each mode of game
ffa_maps.cfg-----\  play.  These can be easily modified to match your servers  
duel_maps.cfg----/  maps.  be sure to follow the examples in the files if you
ctf_maps.cfg----/   need to add more entries.


Upon Executing the rcon_admin.cfg file in game, the following will happen:
1.Your keys will be auto assigned by the config itself
2.You will be automatically logged into RCON admin IF YOU ADDED THE PASSWORD
  TO THE RCON_ADMIN.CFG FILE as is instructed!
3.The config will create a backup of itself called RCON_BACKUP.CFG in case you
  decide to modify the file, copy the rcon_backup.cfg file to another directory
  so that you have an original copy of the config.

Key Assignments:

Almost the ENTIRE NUMBER PAD is used for this selector, as it allows MUCH MORE
easy access to RCON commands for the JK2 Game Engine.  Since these commands are 
NOT MOD specific commands, they can be used on ANY server running ANY MOD as long
as you have the RCON password to that server.

Keypad Key|  Usage
7,8,9  -->| RCON Server Command Set.  Used to modify gameplay settings like TimeScale,
          | Gravity, Kill Limits for FFA,TFFA,DUEL and ofcourse MANY MANY other variables.
	  | MAKE SURE TO ALSO EDIT THE LINE CONTAINING THE g_setpassword Variable to add
          | whatever password you desire in the rcon_admin.cfg file.	
	  | 7 = Cycles to Previous command
          | 8 = Execute Selected Command
          | 9 = Cycles to Next Command
4,5,6  -->| Will cycle through your map list as assigned by the '+' key below
          | 4 = Cycles to Previous Map
          | 5 = Execute Map Change
          | 6 = Cycles to Next Map
1,2,3  -->| Admin Commands as assigned by the 'ENTER' key Below
          | 1 = Cycles to Previous SLOT #
          | 2 = Execute Selected Admin Command on Selected SLOT #
          | 3 = Cycles to Next SLOT #
+      -->| Tap key to assign map type to 4,5,6 keys.
          | First tap = Duel Maps
          | Second tap = FFA Maps
          | Third tap = TFFA Maps
          | Fourth tap = CTF Maps
          | Fifth tap will loop back to duel maps.
ENTER  -->| Tap key to assign selected function to 1,2,3 keys.
          | First tap = Slap Player
          | Second tap = Sleep Player
          | Third tap = Wake Player
          | Fourth tap = Kick Player
          | Fifth tap will loop back to Slap
/      -->| Will execute 'rcon status' command to list players with their
          | slot number and username as well as IP address.
0, .   -->| Tapping 0 will cycle through 'say' messages such as server rules and sets
          | it to the '.' key next to it.
          | First tap the 0 key, then the . key will say that message on public chat.

Simply unzip and place the .cfg files in your base directory or specific MOD Directory.
(IE. x:\Program Files\LucasArts\Star Wars JK II Jedi Outcast\GameData\base\) OR
(IE. x:\Program Files\LucasArts\Star Wars JK II Jedi Outcast\GameData\academy\)

Once files are placed, open console and type:  exec rcon_admin.cfg
this will execute the config file and assign all its own keys for you.

***  FEATURES  ****
Far to many to list, check it out for yourself in game, you will be please if you
are an RCON holding member of the server you play on.

***  MOTIVATION  ***

I was tired of hand typing all of the rcon commands and trying to remember all of 
the variables involved.  Anyone with RCON can tell you that RCON is not an easy
level of access to maintain or use.  That is the main reason I spent the time on this.
The secondary reason was my desire to customize the game that i spend so much
time in.  Sort of to make it my own, and to make managing my own server much easier.

I then decided to share it with the whole JK2 community, in the hope that RCON 
Admin everywhere would very much enjoy this type of setup.  Granted, it may seem
complicated at first, but once you get used to using it, you will swear by it.  I know
I do.  

I hope you enjoy my effort!!


This RCON Selector is distributed AS IS and the author is NOT accountable for ANY
damage or undesirable effects produced by its use.  USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!
There are NO KNOWN BUGS associated with this Selector.  This Selector was tested
COMPLETELY on the following MODS: Vulcanus, Jedi Academy (all versions), ByMod, DCMOD,
Jedi+ MOD, and BASEJK itself.  No bugs or undesired effects were detected.

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