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Sounds rating: * * * (out of four) — 7/10

New modder neo brings us a small but satisfying sound mod that changes various sounds, includin...


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Sounds rating: * * * (out of four) — 7/10

New modder neo brings us a small but satisfying sound mod that changes various sounds, including some of the guns' and Force powers' sounds. He claims that the sounds are of the highest quality as opposed to being just movie rips, and I agree that they're high quality in themselves. They greatly increase the accuracy of the sounds heard without losing the integrity of the files, and they certainly do not over-do it.

The default Bryar pistol now sounds like Han Solo's modified BlasTech DL-44 heavy blaster pistol, which makes it feel like a much stronger gun, even if it's an instrinsically weak gun. The sound of the laser bolt hitting walls now has a brighter ping instead of just the indescript "pfsh." The BlasTech E-11 rifle also has an updated sound that makes the blasts sound stronger, except that I did not like the rapid-fire sound; it was mushy compared to the rest of the sounds in the mod, and I think that it should have been more staccato.

The sounds of the disruptor rifle now make a lot more sense with this mod. Before, we heard a strange sound when it's fired that doesn't sound anything like a laser blast, even if it is a hit-scan weapon. The mod changes it to a sound that actually sounds like a laser blast; the sound now matches the image.

Not all sounds of guns have been changed, and I didn't find any other sounds that stood out as making the gun any better, except for the bowcaster, which also has a similar sound to the first two blasters; it also now sounds stronger, more of a punch instead of the original blurp sound of it.

The author also modified the sounds of Force powers; the lightning sound is now quieter but sounds more powerful, which was merely okay, but not a great change. What I really liked was the Force shove, pull, and jump modifications. I really disliked the default sounds for the game, which sound like someone blowing air out of his/her mouth or sucking air into it. The sounds are now more subtle, and now have a more delightful, shorter whoosh, which is more accurate to the films. Just for this, this mod is staying in my base folder.

Great job, neo, especially for a first-timer. I hope you can expand your capabilities of modding for next time, because we really could use more of your good taste.


Note: the readme is out of date; the installation instructions are to place the included PK3 into your GameData/base folder.

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Jedi Knight: Jedi Outcast  
TITLE: REAL sounds  
AUTHOR: neo  
E-MAIL: [email protected]  
WEBSITE: none 
DATE RELEASED: 28 september 2005  
CREDITS: ben burtt, for his original sounds, and dveditor, for getting ahold of several of the sounds 
themselves ( 
INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: just drop each wav over the wav of the same name in the folder of the 
same name. If there's an easier way to do this, please let me know.

If you don't want a specific sound, you can just leave it out. If you want to change it back, I suggest you back 
up the original sounds somewhere. 
DESCRIPTION: I HATE the sound work in this game, so I figured I'd replace as many as possible with the 
REAL sounds. these sounds are top possible quality, not just movie rips.  
BUGS: it's too simple to have bugs  
COMMENTS: this is my first mod, and I intend to make more sound mods, and update this one, if possible. I would 
replace the sounds to the repeater and the force lightning loop, but I can't figure out how to make a wav with 
a bitrate of 352 kbps. my audio programs only go to 320. help would be appreciated

If volumes are off, please inform me. If yyou want a specific sound from the movies made into another mod, 
I likely have the sound, and can probably do that, so e-mail me. 

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