Rebel Attack!

Admiral Odell is counting on YOU to free some fellow Imperials who are being held captive on a Rebel ship in the Devronn System and you must...


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Admiral Odell is counting on YOU to free some fellow Imperials who are being held captive on a Rebel ship in the Devronn System and you must arm the Self-Destruct and escape immediately!

This SP mod by Omega1989 is his first attempt at mapping and scripting for JKII. And though I have little experience with SP mods, I must say it was executed well. :)

It's a fairly short game, about three levels of being shot at by Rebels and dueling some Jedi here and there. You play a Reborn and start in a grassy patch outside of a Rebel base.

I enjoyed the mod, though some of the game was less intuitive than the original SP game. The only real complaints I have were with the sounds and the ending.

In the second level there is this constant electrical hissing sound that literally gave me a headache, but was solved by turning off my speakers. ;) And some of the taunts from the characters seemed to be cut-off mid-taunt. :/

The end of the game was a tad confusing and I wasn't sure if I had completed my mission or if it would continue. And I guess I expected ... something else. Play it and you'll see what I mean.

All in all, this is a good mod that could be great with a little polishing. Go ahead and play it, then come back and give Omega some constructive criticism so his next SP mod will be 10X better. Which I definitely think he is capable of!


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  __________________________________________               ____________________________________
 (__________________________________________)Rebel Attack!(____________________________________)
 /     \
|	|Author:	Omega1989
|	|
|	|Build Time:	Few days
|	|
|	|E-Mail:
|	|
|	|Description:	You play Hari Seldon, a Reborn working for the Imperials. You have
|	|		recently recieved these orders:
|	|
|	|		************************High Priority Orders**************************
|	|
|	|		You are to go to a small, but strategically placed base in the Devronn
|	|		System. The New Republic just started an assault on it and you are to
|	|		defend it. Once the Republic have been driven off, you must board
|	|		their ship and arm the Self-Destruct. We have also recieved word that
|	|		there are some Imperials held captive on that ship, so free them. Once
|	|		these two objectives have been completed, escape the ship. The
|	|		destruction of their ship is very important, as we have assessed to be
|	|		capable of several more assults before it runs out of supplies
|	|
|	|		Admiral Odell out.
|	|
|	|		**********************************************************************
|	|
|	|Installation:	Simply unzip to your GameData folder in you JKII directory.
|	|
|	|How to start:	Once installed, simply load the Rebel Attack! MOD from the Setup menu
|	|		in single player and start a new game as normal. Next play through it
|	|		enjoying dicing Jedi!
|	|
|	|Legal stuff:	You may not use any part of my MOD without my permission, which can
|	|	be got through e-mail. You may put this MOD on your website if this
|	|		readme is included and I would appreciate an e-mail. This MOD is not
|	|		supported by Raven and I am not liable for any damages it may cause
|	|		to you or your computer.
|	|
|	|Enjoy!

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