Moreton brings us a clan skin and don’t go betting your last dollar on the odds of it being anything other then a Reborn skin. This is a Reb...


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Moreton brings us a clan skin and don’t go betting your last dollar on the odds of it being anything other then a Reborn skin. This is a Reborn skin with no face and red eyes and very little detail in the torso or legs. The skin has a nice shader applied that gives the skin the look of electricity flowing through it. The colors on the skin other then the black have a chrome look to them.

Not a bad skin if you like Reborns. There is a little summary of the skins past, which is a little short but informative. Nice job no real need for new sounds since it is supposed to be a Chiss but a taunt would’ve been nice. Add this to your collection if you like Sith skins or Reborns. Great job on your first skin.

Bot Support: Yes Team Colors: Yes New Sounds: No (Chiss)


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          Jedi Knight 2: Jedi Outcast Modification

Title: Rechiss
Author: Moreton (A.K.A MASTER)
Email: (If you wanna give me all the criticism about the skin :P)

File name: rechiss.pk3
Date released: --/--/--

Bot Support: Yes
CTF Support: Yes
New Sounds: No (Chiss Sounds)


This is a reskin of reborn which makes some bits chromy. (CTF = Red Chrome & Blue Chrome)
It also has a great shader to make it look like the body is electrified.


I thinks it is very good for my first ever published skin (If it gets published, I hope). I made others but I have never knew how to shade until now :D

Credits goes to me for making the skin and shader and also special thanks to Lee Wright (Creator of chromeshadowtrooper_v2) for giving me a few tips on how to shade. :D

I hope you enjoy it :D

          Installation and removal:

Extract the file into you "GameData\base\" directory.
To remove just delete it.

          Software Used :

Paint Shop Pro 7

          Story of RE-CHISS (How he became a Jedi! :P)

Chiss was a bartender in the Nar Sharddaa system. A Jedi called Kyle Katarn went to his bar asking him questions about Reelo Baruk. Chiss did not want to comply with Kyle's questions so he lied......the bar shutters suddenly closed because Chiss pressed a secret button at the bar. Kyle was in a position of death. Kyle defeated the enemies in the bar and searched for a button to open the shutters. Kyle found it and confronted Chiss. With aggresive negotiation (with a lightsaber) Kyle pursuaded Chiss to tell him the truth about Reelo's where abouts. Chiss had to tell him because Chiss had a saber in his face :D. Chiss later found out that Reelo was killed by Kyle and Chiss became angry because Reelo was Chiss's father to him because he didn't know who his father was because he was abandoned as a child. Chiss went back to the desserted bar and in the shadows was a women sitting by a table called Sev'Rance Tann. She walked over to Chiss and said "Hello brother". Chiss had a very shocking face because his sister had Jedi powers, so that must mean Chiss also had the Jedi power. Tann asked Chiss to come with her to Coruscant so he could make him her Sith Apprentice. Chiss went with Tann to Coruscant to learn the ways of the force as a dark Jedi. Chiss became a very good Sith quickly, after several years he was a Sith Knight and he still wanted revenge on Kyle Katarn. His strong powers were like no other he could control the force to do almost anything and his favorite power was to protect himself by making electric flow around the outside of his body. Nothing could stop him and his search began for Katarn...!

* Copyright / Permissions *


Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast (c) 2002 LucasArts Entertainment Company LLC.
Star Wars(c) 2002 Lucasfilm Ltd. & TM or (r) as indicated. trademark of Lucasarts. 


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