Rescue on Riesen III

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campaign re-edited, but it was a pretty entertaining replay. Why? Weeelll, first off, mod explanation....actually, y'know what, since Ty put such effort in his description upon sending it here, I'll let him do it:

Ok, here is Rescue on Riesen III, my first and probably my last story-based mod for JK2. This mod is part of Project Cruentus, a community project on Star Wars Fanon. For those of you who don't know, Star Wars Fanon is basicly a Wookieepedia of fan-created material. Project Cruentus revolves around the Cruentusian War, a war set between the fall of the Rakatan Infinate Empire and the Unification Wars (which results in the creation of the Republic). There are many different factions battling in this war, but this mod will focus on two of the slightly lesser ones: The Sinyan Imperium and the Taung Confederacy. The Sinyan Imperium is my creation, and is based on various real and Star Wars groups including the Galactic Empire, Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy and Spain and the British Empire. The Imperium is one of the smaller factions in the war controlling only two star systems, but they have solid weaponry and are usually up to a good fight. The Taung Confederacy is an alliance between the acient Taung clans. For those who don't know, the Taung are the acient Mandalorian species. They are powerful and war-hungry, but they rely more on strength then strategy. The Taung Confederacy was created by my fellow project member Darth Storm. Now, how about the mod? Well, if you want a more detailed story, I've included a notepad file of links to several articles on Star Wars Fanon. But here's the story in a nutshell: The Taung have invaded Sinyan space and conquered much of their territory, including the resource-rich moon of Riesen III. News of a group of Sinyan marines being held in a Taung prison there has reached the Sinyan command and they have dispatched a commando codenamed "Delta" to rescue them. You play as Delta, whose voice some of you gamers may reconize. I have modified the Artus Mine and Detention levels to look much different, effectively changing them from Artus to Riesen III. While you'll still have to do many of the the same things you normally do in these maps, the voice files, music, textures, character models and weapon models have all changed. Many of you won't like this mod since it will look to much like the original game, but that's okay. I can't do much advanced modding because the tools won't work for me, so decided to use the original levels and modify them heavily. I had to have N-7 do all the scripting as well as other things. So, if you've read this entire bloated discription, then good for you! It's over now...

Really inspiring to see how passionate one can be about fanon. So, basically, this re-write consists of new characters,4 gun overhauls,some new item overwrites, and some visual and audio overwrites as well. Mind you, as those of you who might remember, your weapons consisted of a blaster pistol, E-11, bowcaster, and thermals. Now, you have a ballistic pistol, assault rifle, shotgun, and grenades. Basically, star wars stopped using lasers...and I love it. Seriously, the guns felt so much more reliable, especially the assault rifle, whose rate of secondary fire was increased to a contemporary assault rifle's. Very cool, indeed. Well, honestly, there's not much else I can comment on, since basically this conversion doesn't alter the story. I will say that the music choices seem a bit discombobulated but not bad enough that you facedesk. Otherwise, I'd say this is worth a peek, either if you're bored or you're looking into something different. Gobbleblob.- Averus Retruthan


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