Never in one place have I seen so many Jar Jar Bink reskins. There are a couple of other models in here, such as ksk_h20's GrayFox model, an...


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Never in one place have I seen so many Jar Jar Bink reskins. There are a couple of other models in here, such as ksk_h20's GrayFox model, and Hapslash's improved Stormtrooper model, but the majority of these skins are of Major Clod's gungan model. Let me tell you, the author boasts that there are over forty skins here, but to be honest after I looked through them nearly 50% of them seemed to be nearly the same, with minor tweaks. I had to go back and forth a lot to make sure they were indeed different skins.

Anyway, on to the technical stuff. To be very honest some of these skins scared me, such as the 'golf' skin and the 'pajama' skin. Since there's no shading on any of these skins, when you look at them in ModView they look downright frightening. I would never picture Jar Jar Binks wearing pajamas, much less pajamas with little moons on them. For me a lot of these skins just seemed to be dark-colored Jar Jar with some sparkly-looking designs on the pants or vest. They're not all bad, but they definitely have a lot of room for improvement. I can't wait until we start seeing skins from Rink that have geniune shading on them without relying solely on in-game shading.

A good attempt, and definitely a lot of skins here. Some of these also contain bot/npc support, and there are some new sounds, though some of the choices there have me wondering...

Bot Support: Yes Team Support: Yes New Sounds: Yes NPC Support: Yes


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Download 'rinkxing.zip' (15.1MB)

			RinkXing v9.0

Author: RinkXing / *<JO>*RinkXing,C
Date Released: 1st May '05
Contact: RinkXing@gmail.com
Version: 9.0

SCREENSHOTS: http://www.binarynexus.com/gallery/12.html

Bot Support: Yes
Team Support: Yes
New Sounds: Yes
NPC Support: Yes
Shaders: Yes

Have I won the biggest personal skin pack award? over 40 skins here, I'm aiming for a record.

Here is my little pride and joy. My personal skin. A reskin of a few models, The gungan model by major clod, totally re-amped, you thought gungans were lame? think again. CyberRink, a reskin of grayfox by ksk_h20, with team support and new sounds. Cel shaded rink, hologram rink, both skins with added shaders.
Let me say, that HK-RX is NOT in this pack, since it is an illegal model, it won't be released anytime soon. Rinktrooper is a reskin of the EXCELLENT improved stormtrooper model by Hapslash. I think thats it, have fun and this skin can be used on any server at anytime.

oh and RINKMAN, the super hero. No one knows his secret identity, who could it be? *cough*

Check out his taunts, they are quite funny.

Thanks to: Hapslash, ksk_h20, Major Clod, Ravensoft, LucasArts, JO clan and all my fans *cries*

Model list (oh God no, beware of the long list):

Cel Shaded:
/model CS_Rink

Cyber Rink:
/model CyberRink
/model CyberRink/red
/model CyberRink/blue

Hologram Rink
/model Rink_hologram

/model RinkMan

Masked Rink:

/model RinkMasked
/model RinkMasked/black
/model RinkMasked/blue
/model RinkMasked/green
/model RinkMasked/jedi
/model RinkMasked/red

RinkTrooper v2:

/model Rinktrooperv2
/model Rinktrooperv2/blue
/model Rinktrooperv2/red
/model Rinktrooperv2/nopack (No backpack)

RinkXing (The Main Versions)

/model rinkxd
/model rinkxd/2 (This is now my base skin, I consider it my best)
/model rinkxd/black
/model rinkxd/blue
/model rinkxd/flight (This is quite crappy)
/model rinkxd/golden (I would have liked to have put a shader on this, but I couldn't be bothered)
/model rinkxd/Gold (Admin Gold skin, ah the joys of the game)
/model rinkxd/green
/model rinkxd/h (hawaii skin!!)
/model rinkxd/hippy (PIMPIN')
/model rinkxd/indeed (Rink wearing his 'Indeed' catchphrase T-Shirt)
/model rinkxd/jedi
/model rinkxd/masked
/model rinkxd/pajamas (Yes, Pyjamas)
/model rinkxd/red
/model rinkxd/ubergreen (Not so uber)
/model rinkxd/white
/model rinkxd/yellow
/model rinkxd/ynew

RinkXing Classic, the one without the vest.

/model rinkxing_classic
/model rinkxing_classic/black
/model rinkxing_classic/red
/model rinkxing_classic/blue

Sith Rink, Evil!

/model sith_rink
/model sith_rink/blue
/model sith_rink/masked
/model sith_rink/red
/model sith_rink/normal (No Vest)


Hope you enjoy.

Boring stuff:


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