RiverBlood 2

This is a very cool duel map. It has the coolest feel to it , from the moons to the destroyable walls, to the great areas for dueling. This...


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File Description

This is a very cool duel map. It has the coolest feel to it , from the moons to the destroyable walls, to the great areas for dueling. This one is nicely done.:D Excellent map to have in any collection. I really liked the fire and textures and the moody atmosphere as well. :D

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==============	Jedi Outcast Duel Level	 ==============

Level Name: River of Blood 2

Author: Chris "Wazzit" Lu
e-mail: wazzit@hotmail.com or wazzit@jedilegacy.net

File Name: Duel_RiverBlood2.pk3
File Size: 2.27 MBs
Date of Release: May 29, 2002

Description: The River of Blood Tournament continues, with this year's Tournament taking place in the ruins of an ancient Jedi battle ground where many Jedi's blood has been spilt. The temple was built thousands of years ago by three Sith Lords seeking to increase their skills in the power of the force by extensive training and dueling. Before they were unable to unleash their power upon the galaxy, the Jedi Council found out about it, and sent three equally powerful Jedi to stop it. The Jedi were able to defeat all three sith lords, but at the cost of two of the Jedis. A memorial was built for the slain Jedi and the three Sith Lords were buried near the temple by order of the Jedi Council.

Now thousands of years later the ancient temple's flames have been lit, and life now breathes through the river once again. The tournament of River of Blood has begun once more.

Compile time: Somewhere around 30 minutes.
Total Build time: 3 weeks.

Thanks: Dracard, Gonk, Tee, Jeff`W, Threnody, and the rest of the #CC.

*** PLEASE READ!!! ***
I'm aware of all the little lighting errors that are in the level, they are caused by the colored lighting... and unfortunatly I couldn't fix them all, but I did manage to fix the more noticable ones.


Known Bugs: When your on one side of the river the flames do tend to flicker... I think it's caused by having too many spirtes on screen at one time.... although I can't do anything because I needed to add lights in several places to cover up some of the randomly generated colored lighting at places. This will probably be the last time I use colored lighting in one of my levels due to the chaos it created with the level. :/

============== Installing ==============

Extract all contents in your \Star Wars JK II Jedi Outcast\GameData\base\ folder, then simply start JOMP and select create game, then choose Duel, and then River of Blood 2.

============== Features ================

Bots: Yep.
Supported Play modes: Duel


Flub Flub.

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