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This is rather a unique hilt as far as the extra design it has. The extra fins on this saber look like the bones of a dragon wing (in shape)...


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This is rather a unique hilt as far as the extra design it has. The extra fins on this saber look like the bones of a dragon wing (in shape) and the overall design is very elaborate. I would say this is well suited to dark Jedi because of the black style and 'bits that stick out' - it has that feel to it.

The design and skinning is tidy and well done. The reason the fins look this smooth is a relative high poly count, it is still under 2,000 but for a hilt that is relatively small in game I'd say that is a lot. Those of you who take your hilts seriously however, I'm sure the higher poly count will please.

Oh almost forgot, this pack has 4 color variations of the hilt just for that extra bit of customisation...I don't fully understand why this is in 4 separate PK3's however.


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             *JKII MODIFICATION*

                 Lord Hatrus


       .:RoAR Clan Sabers v1.1 & 1.3:.
                Lord Hatrus'
             Private Collection

Author: -=Lord*Hatrus=- AKA Lord Hatrus
Author's Email: is now, not anymore :(

Beta Testers: [RoAR]SERVER[ADMIN] (Clan Leader), and myself

Type: MP Custom Saber Addon Works on Academy MOD!!

Build Time: 10 hours due to polycount complications. 
Polycount: 1922
Triangles: 1797

Idea by: Lord Hatrus 

Built for: Rebels of Another Realm Clan
RoAR Website:
RoAR JK2 Server:

Origional Model: Kyle Saber Base Model

Specs: Built for Rebels of Another Realm Clan as the first of their clan's saber hilts.

Notes: I believe this was/is going to be currently the largest poly saber to date I may be wrong. The saber was origionally at 7085 polys, but was reduced considerably to only 1922 polys. The saber line will be increased to nearly 10,000 polys in the near future.  

Comments: As usual I didnt use anything but MS3D to model, dont really need anything else. Also used Photoshop, MD3Viewer from the Raven Tools. Tested on a 1.4 Dedicated Server and on a 1.4 Dedicated Academy Mod Server (lates mod release), and seems to work fine. I intend to stretch the boundries of concievable and logical space to bring the most intricate and unique art I can think of. 

Description: You might remember me from around the release of JK2. I made several hit saber hilts that got used in the JediMod. Also released a saber called the Black Widow that is still my favorite, lol. I pulled out JK2 the other day and decided I'd just play the SP. Of course I just had to play a MP game or two...or three...or...just to say I got hooked on it again. I'm back currently doing the same vision of saber hilts I did in the past. Unique,  strange, somehow balanced, and not like anyother sabers out there. I decided I'd need a "client" to give me "requests" si I didnt have to sit and think for ideas to pop up in ym little head. This saber was "the origional" Hatrus Saber I first designed. It was never released due to the poly count and then I wasnt as experienced as I am now. I rebuilt it from scratch off of a pic I had off of it. The tentacles hanging down at the top are made of some unbreakable durasteel so thats why they dont beatk in battle. The array is what I call a peacock tail, like the big fat bird with the purty feathers.

Installation and Uninstallation:

NOTE: Remove any other custom made sabers from your base before adding this one. Put only one, repeat ONE (1), saber in your base at a time. Otherwise your computer will explode, j/k. Otherwise you will have saber hilt conflicts ingame!

Simply extract/place the .pk3 file of your choice in your gamedata/base directory, and run the game!


Simply remove/delete the .pk3 file from your gamedata/base directory

Special Thanks:

[ROAR] Clan for being my test subjects, lol, and supporting my rehibilitation into JK2.
=Darth= Clan for the support they gave to get my modding in the first place! 
JK2Files for letting me serve on their wonderful site long, long ago!
LucasArts and Raven for creating such a terrific game!


My Personal JK2 Guru, DoF_Blackwolf for unlimited help and patience
teaching me about modeling, skinning, and proper usage of software.
Check out his Armored Kyle skins if you havent. This is the man that 
got me started on this stuff long ago, that now is my professional 
career that I work in! Thanks Guru Wolf for everything!

Conditions of use and distrobution:

Feel free to distribute this file as long as you do it:
a) Free of charge
b) With ALL of the files included, including this readme.

Feel free to use this file in your mod as long as you:
a) Give me credit for it.
b) Point to some of my previous work on


I am not responsible for anything these files may do to your computer. Use at your own risk. If you dont like my work then you can kiss my A$$!



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