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JediofOne reviewed the first version of this skin and here's what he had to say about it:

This is a re-skin of the in-game Reb...


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File Description

JediofOne reviewed the first version of this skin and here's what he had to say about it:

This is a re-skin of the in-game Reborn by [Martye]. Most of the textures are a composite from the menagerie of Reborn skin variations. The only new texture is the torso, a grey color devoid of shading or hilighting and some Metallica artwork on the back.

Apparently, this skin is a tribute to the author's appreciation of Metallica. With very little changed overall, the main focus is the back. If you enjoy Metallica, donwload and enjoy.

Technical Data:

Pros: 1) Meh, not really any.

Cons: 1) Not a whole lot to say either way.

Rating: 6/10

According to the author, this skin is supposed to be WAY better than the first version. I have to say that the skin has a much cleaner look to it than the first version, but it really hasn't changed much. The default skin is now the stereotypical Metallica fan's favorite color, black. Nothing has really changed about the skin other than that, though. Fortunately, there is team support and the red and blue skins are a bit different. The red one features images recognizable to Metallica fans with some red details here and there. The blue skin is made the same way the red one was, but with different pictures.

The author has rounded out this skin package with bot support and some new taunts that are taken from Metallica songs. Curiously, the author also included the Reborn laugh as the default taunt - no, I mean, he actually put it in there. I don't quite understand that, but hey, it's his skin! There are about three other too-long-to-be-taunts taunts for you to choose from in the pk3. Good update for this skin for Metallica fans.

Bot Support: Yes Team Colors: Yes New Sounds: Yes


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Download '' (858KB)

Rocker multiplayer skin 2.0

Installation instructions:
Take the .pk3 file into gamedir\gamedata\base.

File info:
It's the second version of my rocker skin. It's include red and blue skin, and three new 
taunt sound from three Metallica song. The rocker has various Metallica logos on his back.
It's had been much better than the first skin, please download it\thank you for download it.
Have fun!

By [Martye]
Darvas Márton


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