Roof Barny v1.0

Bigger is better, right? Well, yes, when it comes to guns and such, in my opinion. :D But it's not always true that bigger is better. Like,...


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Bigger is better, right? Well, yes, when it comes to guns and such, in my opinion. :D But it's not always true that bigger is better. Like, a landing pad for FFAs and dueling. Not always better if it's bigger. And I suppose that's one of my issues with this map. Roof Barny - no idea what that means. Kinda like this pulled from the readme:

And then some rooms to have a reet good barny :))

Yeah, no clue what that means. Anyway, it's an interesting map, to say the least. I do like that the author played around with different colored lights, but it's a bit too much. And the map is a bit darker than my screenshots show. As I mentioned before, the landing pads are big here - too big. I feel like I kinda get lost on them out there. There's a bit of z-fighting, but it's so minor, and only in one area that I found. I tried to take screenshots using spectator mode, but that was nearly impossible. I couldn't go through any of the doors. :/ The textures chosesn for this map don't all work very well together. It's a big building in the middle of space, but with Yavin-esque textures?

I can't say that the map is boring, exactly, but I can't say that I had much fun playing on it. Nor could I imagine adding this to a server of mine. It's not a bad map, just not my kind of map. It would've been better had there been some new textures or new music included. It'll be interesting to see what other maps you'll submit, Wik.

Bot Support: No New Textures: No New Music: No Game Types: FFA, TFFA, Duel


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Map Name                : Roof Barny v1.0 (it ain't finished yet :D)
Authors                 : Wik

Map description         : This is one of them magical floating in space buildings :D (how come we dont suffercate :-? (coz I aint told it to :)) until you fall enough :D )
			This is a map that I was working on on my old machine (rubbish) that broke :(( Acid Trip :((
			I decided to resurect it after my last map went and got to complicated for it's own good (Too Many Secrets)
			Also having fun with coloured lights (me like little dark but light room :D), I am of the school of white is borring I-)
			It has a little room for the masters and trainees to have a practice in peace ;)
			And then some rooms to have a reet good barny :))
			There is a landing pad (that you can't fall off (unless you jump:D))
			A reet big roof to swing your sticks on :D
			And a circular pit (which is gonna bingy boingy you about (for those moments that you want to play silly buggers :)))
			There are some bang bang sticks (if you like that kind of thing;)) but I like swooshing sticks myself.
			By the way watch out for your knees n ankles ;) crunch :))

			This is my 3rd (or is it 2nd really :-? ) propper map :D so forgive my mistakes ;)

Supports FFA, Team Duel modes.
Things to do            : No bot support as yet (still in the messing about phase).

Additional Credits to   : George Lucas and the team at Ravensoft for making a truly wonderful game. (Aye i'll second that :))

Thanks to               : Obi and Yoset (fellow -=AFL=- Clan Members) for some of their advice, the peeps at (top tutorials:D).

* Play Information *

New Sounds              : NO
New Skins               : NO
New Objects             : NO
New Textures 		: NO
* Construction *
Brush Count             : 619 Brushes
Vert Count              : Unknown
Entity Count            : 333 Entities
Base info               : JkRadiant.
Software used           : JKRadiant 1.2.11
Known Bugs              : it goes mental in spectater mode :-? (it is the doors (to many and anoying) or me going mad with caulk)?
Build Time              : Time what is time? (mappers know time disapears) :)):D;)

* How to use this map *

	You should know the drill by now roofbarny.pk3 file in your base folder (then welcome to my madness!!!!! :)):)):)):))).

* Copyright / Permissions *


<Other Legal info about the use of your map> 

 This map is free to be distributed among anyone who wants it. Please do not exploit this map,or it's content for personal profits. Enjoy the map, JK2 gamers!
It's not my fault:D if this breakes anything ;)

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