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ROTS Trooper

rots_tropper_v1.0.zip —


may attempt amusement as a ROTS trooper.This pack consists of three skins, with the team skins filling for two. The main skins' pretty dull, I'll confess. It's just the stormtrooper with a visor repaint and a few decals on the shoulders. Nothing too special, but then again, the standard suit was like that as well. Now, the red team skin is apparently a group of Palpatine's Shock Troops. Both of these skins seem relatively accurate in terms of paint, though I reckon the blue team looks more attractive than the red, but that's just me.These are pretty decent, so I reckon if the mood strikes you as a JK2 player, go for 'em.Bot Support: NayNPC Support: NayNew Sounds: NayTeam Support: Aye- Averus Retruthan


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