Royal Significance

Well, here's a nice little map. Basic, and buggy, but nice all the same.

The general concept is one main hallway, with two rooms on eith...


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Well, here's a nice little map. Basic, and buggy, but nice all the same.

The general concept is one main hallway, with two rooms on either side - hangar, and duel pit. Then, at each end of the hall, you find elevators leading to two more rooms. Simple, no?

In the hangar, you'll find what you'd expect - a room with an open bay leading out to space, cargo crates, a ledge or two, and the all-familiar X-Wing. It's OK, but a bit plain. Also, don't most hangars in SW have a forcefield? There's one big bug in here - you can see a wooden platform hovering out there in space.

The duel pit is also standard-issue. Glass floor overlooking a duel platform surrounded by lava. Pretty run-of-the-mill, although the setting is rather less clichéd than normal. The second duel room is just as basic, although it's something we generally see less often. The curved spikes are a rarely used technique these days. One very nice touch in this room is the moving platforms, which bob with the waves. There are errors in this room. Z-fighting occurs with the water and the underside of the wooden platforms. There's also z-fighting between the water and the top step on the stairwells used to climb out.

Then, there's the audience chamber. Big and empty. All I can say about this room is that the wall texture used is a horrible choice, even more so considering the texture mis-alignments.

Map-wide, there are more errors. The lighting in the whole map is terrible - it's uniform lighting. The lack of proper lighting is a critical blow against the map, since there's no atmosphere. There is bot support, but it's partial - it only covers two rooms. Throughout the whole map, texture usage could be a lot better. Using the surface inspector to properly size and align textures is a must. Also, both elevators move up, then move back down instantly, which is annoying, and can be fixed easily by adding a simple key/value to the func_plat entity in GtkRadiant.

There's also one secret, although I didn't even bother looking for it.

On the whole it's not a bad map. If you want a new map for JK2 FFAs or Duels, then give it a try. You might like it, you might not.

~ Kouen

Bot Support: Partial New Models: No New Textures: No New Music: No (baseJK2 music)

Gametypes: Free For All Team Free For All Duel Jedi Master

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Jedi knight 2: jedi outcast
Title: Royal Significance
Author: reelo
website: none



after downloading place file in the base folder in the gamedata folder


this is another small map i made. It has 3 duel areas
1. Just a room with spectator seats and a large flat area for duels
2. A large platform hovering over lava with a few rocks surronding it (this area can
also be closed off with a switch to trap the duelist)
3. A large area in a pool of water with spikes over head, has surrounding wood planks for
It also has a hanger type area with an x-wing
This map also has bot support in the main areas (hallway, hanger, and room/hallway to hanger)


One very hard to find secret with a picture of an old familar character


To get to the secret area there are NO

1. teleporters
2. invisible buttons
3. shooter doors


1. elevators go to fast
2. some of the wood planks can kill you if you get wedged between them
3. You can see one of the wooded planks from the hanger if you look out into 
the stars, the reason in the infinate space travels a certain distance, in this case it
traveled into the other duel room, (it does nothing just a piece of wood in space)


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