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As the name suggests, Rust mod converts alot of the things in JK2 to give them a rusty feel. All weapons, pickups and menus have been altere...


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File Description

As the name suggests, Rust mod converts alot of the things in JK2 to give them a rusty feel. All weapons, pickups and menus have been altered and look "rusty" ;). Additionally, they use the JediMod 1.2 code so that all those features are available to you while you use their mod! Look for yourself, looks like they did quite a job on this: 5175a.jpg

Note: There are some cfg's in the zip that can change your key binds and settings while using the mod. I would recommend not unzipping these cfg's but that is up to you :D

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//  Rust Mod

This mod includes all of Tchouky's code for rgb sabers and  model scaling.

Title			: Rust Mod v1.0

Author			: Ben Facer & Will Jones

E-Mail			:

File Name			:

File Size			: 9,483 kb

Date Released		:  9/2/2002

Description			: This is a Rust Mod for Jk2, Can u guess what it does??
                                  Yes,Thats right it makes all things rusty (cool rust :)

			Main Features: This mod was made with jedi mod 1.2 so heres what u can do

			New stuff in 1.2:
			-Amazing new hilt pack made by |:|ReMaRk|:| specially for JediMod v1.2
			  with 45 new hilts. (be sure to read saber_readme.txt)
			-22 new emotes!  For a total of 31 emotes!

			-Multiple Taunt Sounds! (you can hear yoda go weeeeehehehewhoohehe)

			-New move for orange style if your using only one saber

			-mod_cheatprotection variable that makes it so players can't change model
			  if they are close to other players.  
			-bots can now use hilts.
			-no more file size limit on tckmodel.cfg

			-This is a full version so you don't need JediMod 1.0 or JediMod 1.1 			 installed.
                        -Adds rust to all Items & weapons.

			-New in-Game background menu (All new saber cursor!) 
		         Other stuff in JediMod:
                        -Can wield two sabers at once.

			-Hilt models can be selected like player models.  

			-Two added stances with new special moves for five stances total.
			-You can search for JediMod games by hitting the all/Jedi Knight II game                          toggle button

			-skill mode, toggled with mod_skillMode, causes damage to be area                                  specific.  So if you get hit in the head
			 it does 2x damage while getting hit in the legs does 0.9x damage
Installation		: Unzip into the GAMEDATA folder. All of the files inside of the zip should end up in the folder

Execution		: select the Rust - Mod v1.0 in the mod setup screen.
		Or use the command line argument +set fs_game rust - mod v1.0
		ex. "C:\LucasArts\Star Wars JK II Jedi Outcast\GameData\jk2mp.exe" +set fs_game rust mod

Comments		: Remember that you can only play this mod if the server has it and is running it.

			- This mod is opensource, feel free to improve upon it.

			- Have Fun !
			-This will is be the first official version of Rust Mod.

			-Thanks to: |:|ReMaRk|:| for the wonderful hilt pack.

				Tchouky for the great model scaling code,
				keo718 for the updated tckmodel.cfg list,
				Ask(thats a name) for his grappleing hook code,
				NickR for helping me with some of the bugs in JediMod,
				everyone else in jk2coding for being there so I could ask them questions,
				Raven for making a cool game and for the ghoul2 api,
				and everyone who downloaded the mod.

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