SaberDome Barathrum

What we have here is a map made up on multiple rooms. The difference between this one and a normal map is they are separated by an abyss!...


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What we have here is a map made up on multiple rooms. The difference between this one and a normal map is they are separated by an abyss! The first room has spikes and some platforms with the abyss in the center. There is also a door which leads to a room with powerups. Down the abyss is a pool of water with lava surrounding it. Some corridors lead you to the final room with platforms jutting out of lava. A transporter takes you back to the top.

I really enjoyed this map. The abyss took me a few tries to get right (I died at least 4 times) and once I figured it out, I was able to explore the rest of the map! This looks like a great FFA map since there are so many places to battle, it won't get crowded. Plus, the curved spikes look really cool :) Excellent job!

Bot Support: Yes New Textures: No New Sounds: No Gametypes: FFA/Team FFA


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Title			: SaberDome Barathrum
Version			: 1.11
Author			: Exordius Thrawn
E-Mail			:
Website			:

File Name		: barathrum.pk3
File Size		: 1,361 kb
Date Released		: April 15th, 2003

Bot Support		: Yes
Gametypes		: FFA, Team FFA

Install Instructions	: Copy the barathrum.pk3 file into your
                          Jedi Outcast GameData\base folder.

Description		: "In ages long before the power of crystals
                          were harnessed to build lightsabers, saber
                          combat already existed.  Duels commenced in
                          ancient battlegrounds throughout the galaxy.
                          Some of these locations still exist, and a
                          few are being used for saber battles once
                          more.  One such place is the saberdome known
                          as Barathrum..."

                          SaberDome Barathrum was designed with the saber
                          enthusiast in mind, although there are several
                          different weapon types available.

                          This map consists of the following playable

                          - Main Arena: This is the "SaberDome", where
                          players spawn and most fights would be held.

                          - Powerup Room: There is a stone door in one
                          of the side walls of the SaberDome.  This leads
                          to a small room with various weapons and powerups.

                          - Abyss: There is a hole in the very bottm of the
                          SaberDome.  This leads to a long shaft where players
                          fall through.

                          - Abyss Bottom: There is a pool of water at the bottom
                          of the abyss.  While falling, I recommend aiming for
                          the center of the pool, because it is possible to fall
                          into the parabolic-shaped pool and take little or no

                          - Lava Walkway: There is a small ramp leading to a
                          stone door at the abyss bottom.  This leads to an
                          intermediate room consisting of lava and a narrow

                          - Lava Stone Room: After the Lava Walkway, there is a
                          larger room filled with lava and many large stones.
                          You should try to jump on the stones to get to the top
                          stone with the circular pad.  If you step on the pad,
                          you will be transported back to the SaberDome.

Notes			: Here are a few tips for playing SaberDome Barathrum.

                          - If you get stuck on those spike teeth at the very
                          top of the abyss hole, try strafing or crouching to
                          free yourself.

                          - When falling into the abyss, try to aim for the
                          center of the pool.

                          - Bots are supported, but they won't attempt to jump
                          around in the lava stone room.  I found that with
                          bot routes in this room the bots just fall into the
                          lava (with either normal or jumping waypoints).

                          - The fall into the abyss is not meant to be easy to
                          survive.  That's part of the challenge!

Performance		: This map is very graphics-intensive.  I have attempted
                          to optimize its performance as much as possible.  I
                          I recommend these specs as the minimum playable

                          - 1.8 Ghz P4 or equivalent processor
                          - 512 MB system RAM
                          - Fairly new video card (no more than 1.5 years old)
                          - 64 MB on-board video card RAM

Additional Info.	: This map is the fourth in my "SaberDome"
                          series.  The previous maps/levels were:

                          - SaberDome Minimus II for JO
                          - SaberDome Minimus for JK
                          - SaberDome Maximus for JK

                          The main thrust behind this series is
                          my hope to create interesting arenas for
                          saber dueling and saber fights while providing
                          sufficient space for spectators.

Beta Testers:		: jkC_Akmetan, jkC_Cal-Ryc, MotL_Robinton, MotL_thesaiyan,
                          RS_Darth_Cariss, RS_Raven, RS_ShadowX

                          Special thanks to MotL_thesaiyan for helping me with
                          various technical mapping issues.

Comments		: SaberDome Barathrum, SaberDome Minimus, and
                          SaberDome Maximus are copyrighted
                          2001-2003 by Exordius Thrawn and the
                          Rogue Saberists Jedi Knight clan.


You MAY distribute this map, provided you include this file, with
no modifications.  You may distribute this file in any electronic
format (BBS, Diskette, CD, web server, etc.) as long as you include this file 
intact, with NO charge (other than incidental charges for time spent on-line).

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