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If you're looking for the script to end all scripts, this um ... may or may not be it! Well, this is the final version that the author will...


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If you're looking for the script to end all scripts, this um ... may or may not be it! Well, this is the final version that the author will be making. It can be used for JK2 and JA. Some of the features include a recording script so you can make your own demos, there's a smiley cycle and some admin commands. Take a look at the script and the readme for more info.


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SaberScript 1.0 
- For JK2 & JKA -

Author: Saber Tooth / Achilles
E-Mail: [email protected]
Date: 3.4.05
Note: The Author is finished developing this script and no newer version will be released.

Changed Since the Beta Version:

1. Added a top notch recording script to record demos. Look under Settings\Recording Controls.
2. Changed, added, and optimized the smiley cycle under the “Favorites” menu.  
3. Updated and dated the Elite Clan lineup under “Messages”.
4. Changed and optimized the “Messages” menu items.
5. Added name  -:(^*_*^):-  under “Other Original Names”.
6. Couple random typos in the script, and certain defaults reworked.
7. Admin commands added.



This script will contain all of your binds, messages, names, (etc...), on the keypad.
It also features the ability to display the command you have selected before you execute it. Thus minimizing accidental execution error. 


* Made to work best with the CJK-Mod and its exclusive features.
* Easily record demos with the built in demo script!
* Automatically optimizes connection settings for high speed internet.
* Do things with minimum keystrokes. (Submenu’s as shallow as possible, everything very organized)
* Copy and past binds from uScript.cfg to SaberScript easily.
* Most Instagib servers were added in the Server Submenu for Jedi Outcast.
* By Default it will automatically configure textcolor to green, crosshair to "2", turns sky black, makes player “R2D2”, and SEVERAL other settings upon being executed. All of course, all is for maximum performance. ;-)
* Any other configurations can be easily added such as: gameevents off and "whospec" upon being executed.
* This script can be installed right next to uScript! (So you can check it out before making the switch).
\Exec uScript.cfg or exec \SaberScript.cfg to switch between them.
* Fixed and improved "Zoom" script: Pressing Z or X cycles though special Zooms.

Some files (names, clan names, etc.) you can replace with the equivalent from your uScript if you wish: Just make sure the name of the file is the same as the one you’re replacing!


This script is based on TLA :: Law's "uScript 1.3".
This script incorporates Gohan's "Emotes" script.
The "Crosshairs.pk3" was taken from a website, "as is", with no readme or anything.

Installation & Configuration


Extract the “SaberScript.cfg” file, "Crosshairs.pk3" and the “SaberScript” folder INTACT into your "/Gamedata/base" folder.
Note: The following keys will be overwritten upon executing SaberScript and should be moved beforehand: Z, X, Page Down, and Number Pad.
When in JK2, type in counsel: \exec SaberScript.cfg
Use keys to navigate menus

Initialization Script: SaberScript/init/startup.cfg
The Initialization script is where most automatic settings are so if say, you don't like not seeing your gun, go there and change cg_drawgun value to 1.

The files are organized into 3 major divisions:
1. Easily configurable files are located right in the main SaberScript folder.
2. Less configurable files are located in the data folder.
3. Bits and pieces are located in the SmallBits folder.

You may freely modify the associated files to accommodate your needs.

(Quoting Law)
"I have noticed a slight problem running the script in Jedi Academy.
When you press KP “Numlock” for the names, the keypad numbers no longer respond.
You will have to press “Numlock” again to enable them."

If you find any/or know of any additional features that would enhance or better the script, please send an email to the author.
If you have any questions or comments about the script, please visit the website mentioned above or again, email the author.
If you use any of this script in one of your own, please give credit appropriately.


> KP “Numlock” - Favorites Menu

  >> 1 Cycle Smiles Forward
  >> 2 Cycle Smilies Back
  >> 3 Cycle EM Moves
  >> 4 Team say: Return the flag!
  >> 5 Team say: Attention: Flag carrier needs more defense!
  >> 6 Say: Good Job!
  >> 7 Cycle Names Forward
  >> 8 Cycle Names Back
  >> 9 Cycle Crosshairs

> KP “/” - Team Messages

  >> 1: Acknowledged
  >> 2: Hold
  >> 3: Negative
  >> 4: Incoming Hostiles
  >> 5: Flag Carrier Under Fire
  >> 6: Flag Overboard
  >> 7: Return The Flag
  >> 8: Get The Flag
  >> 9: I'm On It

> KP “*” - Smilies

  >> 1: :-)
  >> 2: :-|
  >> 3: :-(
  >> 4: :-D
  >> 5: :-P
  >> 6: :-S
  >> 7: :-X
  >> 8: :-\
  >> 9: l-)

> KP “-” – Messages

  >> 1: Nice Shot!
  >> 2: Thank You!
  >> 3: Good Fight!
  >> 4: Cycle Sayings Forward
  >> 5: Cycle Sayings Back
  >> 6: I must go, See you guys later!
  >> 7: Bye, have fun!

> KP “+” - Names

  >> 1: Regular Names
  >> 2: Clan Names
  >> 3: Other Original Names

> KP “ENTER” - Settings

  >> 1 (End) – Main Client Controls
     >>> 1: InstaSnipe On/Off
     >>> 2: Taunt
     >>> 3: Use R2D2 Model
     >>> 4: Show gun On/Off
     >>> 5: Sky On/Off
     >>> 6: Toggle Viewing Text
     >>> 7: Restart Sound System
     >>> 8: Restart Network System
     >>> 9: Restart Input System

     >>> 1: Restart Sound System
     >>> 2: Restart Network System
     >>> 3: Restart Input System
     >>> 4: Connect to the 'AC :: TLA - InstaGib' Server
     >>> 5: Connect to your 1st favorite server
     >>> 6: Connect to your 2nd favorite server
     >>> 7: Capture Screenhot
     >>> 8: Start Recording (Demo)
     >>> 9: End Recording (Demo)

  >> 2 (Down) – CJK-Mod Only Settings
     >>> 1: Cycle Text Color
     >>> 2: Gameevents On/Off
     >>> 3: Cycle EM Moves
     >>> 4: CJK-Tracker Login
     >>> 5: CJK-Tracker Logout

     >>> 1: List Players
     >>> 2: Server Info
     >>> 3: Server Status

  >> 3 – Recording Controls
     >>> 1: Capture Screenshot
     >>> 2: Start Recording
     >>> 3: End Recording

  >> 4 – Connect list for InstaGib Servers
     >>> 1: AC::TLA InstaGib
     >>> 2: AC-Sect InstaGib
     >>> 3: CJK-InstaGib
     >>> 4: Wireplay
     >>> 5: RaK - Walhalla Disruption
     >>> 6: Chop Shop DISTRUPTION
     >>> 7: E-Clan Server (SaberTooth's Machine)

  >> 5 - Graphics Settings
     >>> 1: High FPS Settings
     >>> 2: High Quality Settings
     >>> 3: Restart Sound-Video System
     >>> 4: Toggle H.U.D. Display
     >>> 5: Toggle Display Status;
     >>> 6: Toggle 2D Display
     >>> 7: Freeze Camera
     >>> 8: Far Chase Camera
     >>> 9: Normal Chase Follow

  >> 6 - Admin Controls
     >>> 1: List Players
     >>> 2: Server Info
     >>> 3: Server Status
     >>> 4: MCP Hello! (CJk Server Command)

  >> 7 - Crosshair Settings
     >>> 1: Cycle Crosshair
     >>> 2: Cycle Crosshair Size
     >>> 3: Toggle Crosshair Health

  >> 8 - Tips List

> KP DEL ( "." ) – Display Selected Command	

> KP INS ( "0" ) – Execute Selected Command

"Saber Tooth" = A Person's online identity. (This person prefers to remain anonomous).

All Saber Tooth, information, software, documentation, demonstration,
and other files are provided "AS IS", without warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied,
including without limitation, fitness for a particular purpose or performance.

By using the software or acting on any information included within this file,
YOU AGREE TO ASSUME THE ENTIRE RISK for any result, performance, or lack of performance,
including damage to data and/or damage to property

The information, software, products, and services contained may be out of date or include omissions,
inaccuracies, or other errors. Except where expressly provided otherwise in an agreement between you
and Saber Tooth, all information, software, products, and services are provided 'as is' without warranty of any kind. 
Saber Tooth hereby disclaims all warranties with respect to this information, software, products, and services,
whether express or implied, including the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. 

In no event shall Saber Tooth be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, or consequential damages,
or damages for loss of profits, revenue, data or use, incurred by you or any third party, whether in an action
in contract or tort, arising from your access to, or use of, the included files. 

"Saber Tooth" reserves the right to make changes or updates to the files contained in this package at any time without notice.
"Saber Tooth" cannot guarantee completion of any future products or product features mentioned in this release,
and no reliance should be placed on their availability.

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