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This skin is apparently the second version of the Tweety reborn which was uploaded recently. You'll be glad to know that Tweety's gone. Yo...


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This skin is apparently the second version of the Tweety reborn which was uploaded recently. You'll be glad to know that Tweety's gone. You'll similarly be distressed to know that there's solid black and white slapped over everywhere.

At first I was hoping this was a ModView error, but alas, it's not. In fact, a look at the skin textures still shows the older face underneath.

Now, usually, there'd be some in-depth critique here, but I'm not going to do that. I'm going to go straight into the "advice to the author" section.

Use a more powerful image editor. Paint is fine. For converting bitmaps into jpegs. For skinning? Not a chance. GIMP is a free image editor, and is quite powerful for a piece of freeware, so give that a go if you haven't already. (Anyone mentions Paint.NET, and I'll kill you. It's evil, evil I tells ya!)

Texturing and shading - these are vital. Solid colors will never ever look good in game. Random variations on a reborn aren't good either - the reborn model doesn't have anything that can really be done with it, and it's overskinned. Try to skin something else, something a little more flexible. As for this model in particular, it would have looked OK if you'd cell-shaded the whole thing, or given the flat colors a plastic effect - shaders can work wonders.

And now, a big big list of resources. Or, at the very least, a link to a big big list of resources. Modding Tutorials and Tools

You should also stick around the forums to get feedback and advice from other modders, which is always useful.

Anyway, keep on skinning, hone your technique and learn more about skinning. Everyone starts out low, you'll get better with time and experience.

~ Kouen

Bot Support: Yes Team Skins: No Custom Sounds: No

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Download '' (720KB)

++This Is Vertion 2 Of 'Reborn Tweety Pie'++
NOTE: Bot name is Taz!

*****:  \model blackreborn : Is the skin's name.*****
*** I changed it to a clown because it though it would be better ^_^ ***
** The face is a mask of a sad cartoonie face with a small tear on his left cheek.**

Model Name: "sadclownreborn.pk3"

Authors: Darth Mercury

Email: [email protected] ( [email protected] feel free to add me)

Sounds: Not Fixed. Jk2 Outcast sounds.

A "Good" Skinner please add me to msn if you're willing to help me fixing sounds and other things.

Special Thanks: And to jk2 team. And the poeple who request for skins for me.

Concept: A sad Lonley Looney Mentaly Insane Clown stuck in jk2 game

Know Bugs: None. Unless you count the sounds. And the black tear on the clowns face looks like a beauty spot.^^.

Place this pk3 file from this zip archive into the JKII/gamedata/base/ directory

	CTF           =None
	bots 	      =Yep
	Custom sounds =Not Yet Fixed

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