Satanic Reborn

Why do I have a feeling that I'll need to watch the comments for this file like a hawk....?

Anyway, this is practically the same thing a...


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Why do I have a feeling that I'll need to watch the comments for this file like a hawk....?

Anyway, this is practically the same thing as all the other "satanic" reborns. It's mostly flat black with the occasional textured part borrowed from either the original model or another one. Oh, and there's a symbol pasted on the back (which I know the name of however I shall avoid mentioning it so as to prevent yet another argument about witchcraft, satanism, and symbols).

The skin just doesn't work. At all. The flat black looks bad, even at a distance. The red around the eyes is no better. The chainmail texture used is just... wrong, and the symbol has been pasted on the back with no regard for the shape and size of the skin map.

I did also notice a little disorganisation within the pk3 which might cause some problems.

Frankly, this shouldn't have taken two hours. I can make the same thing in tfifteen minutes. Also, the backstory... Well, it's not as bad as JKA's plot, but it's still pretty low down.

I don't like bashing something without *trying* to give constructive advice, so my advice is this - make sure you're using either Photoshop or GIMP (GIMP is free - you can find a link to it in the Jedi Academy forums, under Modding & Editing, and in the Master Sticky topic), try something more original for your next skin, look up some Photoshop or GIMP tutorials on texturing methods (it's what they're there for - and let's face it, flat colors just look like *beep* ), and get community feedback before releasing. There are plenty of people who are willing to help, even if it's just bashing your work when it needs bashing and praising it when it needs praising. (You can find the Jedi Knight Series subforums at, where you can get feedback from the JK2/JKA community, or you can go to the Graphics Department sub-forum and get advice and help on texture creation and all other things graphical.)

The resources are there, and you're encouraged to use them. Even if you're not up for tutorials, asking for help and/or criticism is definitely a good thing to do.

Well, I can't really see anything special that would make someone want to use this, but you know th- omg, hot chocolate!

*Kouen runs off to get a cup of hot chocolate.*

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Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast
TITLE: Satanic Reborn
AUTHOR: /<rash

FILENAME: satanic_reborn.pk3
FILESIZE: 571 kb
DATE RELEASED: 29 October 2006

CREDITS: Credits go to LucasArts and Raven for the original reborn skin, beta testing to Thingos and to my photo editing products which shall remain nameless.

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Simply place the satanic_reborn.pk3 file into your Base folder, ie C:\Program Files\LucasArts\Star Wars JK II Jedi Outcast\GameData\base and start your game! :D

DESCRIPTION: PARENTAL ADVISORY - THIS SKIN MAY CONTAIN OFFENSIVE MATERIAL TO CHRISTIAN OR CATHOLIC PEOPLES (sign of a satanic pentagram, player icon also contains satanism) This is my first skin made, spent a good 2 hours working out by myself how to do it, no tutorials.. i hate getting help.. lol. No offense was intended towards christians or catholics by this, i am merely wishing to fulfill my desires and make something evil. So i did. Anyway, i may as well throw in a story for my little character (seperate text document) Any comments or help on making better skins would be much appreciated. If anyone knows how to create a cape for a model, please forward information regarding this to my email. As this is my first skin do not go out of your way to slaughter it with unnecessary comments, constructive critisism would be a better option. Thanks again, /<rash. 

BUGS: None that i know of, maybe slight overlapping of one texture on skin, other than that, none have been noticed to this point.


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