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Y'know, nothing makes me chirpier than running into an author who has fully checked their work, gotten advice from everyone around them, an...


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Y'know, nothing makes me chirpier than running into an author who has fully checked their work, gotten advice from everyone around them, and gone over the end result with a fine-toothed comb. Those are the people who deserve praise, rather than the people who pump out flawed work but get away with it because of the "fanboy" instinct.

One word popped into my head when I saw this skin: "nanotechnology".

That's precisely the effect you get, too. It looks good, even without dynamic glow. Oh, yeah, for those not aware of the visual nanotechnology effects, there's backstory to it, but that's hardly relevant. Bottom line is, when a nanotech-enhanced human is hurt (usually by gunshots), a pulsating energy pattern appears over them. This effect has been used in many games, but the closest to this skin's style is the nanotechnology in Red Faction II. I'm not sure the author was aiming for a nanotech look, but that's certainly the closest description I can think of.

But, that's enough backstory. Let's look at the skin. The basic skin is a complete reskin of the Shadowtrooper. Everything has changed, although you can barely make out the original skin's shape. The design is now more of a space-age style than the plastic Star Wars junk Raven Software threw out. The only thing that really remains is the gem, but even that looks much classier, as well as the unit holding it. The worn-down effect looks great. I can't really describe much of it, there aren't enough words in my vocab. I am, however, reminded of Nod Soldiers, from C&C Tiberian Sun and C&C Renegade.

But now we get on to the best bit. The nano effect. Available in blue, red, green and cyan, the effect consists of a pattern of glowing lines and grids across the skin. Each color is perfectly matched to it's appropriate saber blade color, although orange and purple are missing. I noticed one error with the glows, which I hope has been fixed - a few parts on the cyan version is still red.

I don't need to say much else. Quality tends to speak for itself, and this file proves it to be true. Scerendo has taken the time to go over the project, hasn't rushed it, and made sure every angle was covered. The fact that it looks good is unrelated to the quality factor, but it's still a great bonus.

It's very rare that anything created in the typically weak and outdated Q3 engine can sincerely impress me, but this has. It's definitely one for the collection if you're a fan of the futuristic style.

~ Kouen

Bot Support: Yes Team Support: Yes New Sounds: No NPC Support: Yes

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-=A Scerendo/Elvarg product.=-


File Name:
Author : Scerendo
E-Mail : [email protected]

File Names : ST_Shadowtrooper, zSt_Shadowtrooper_replacenebt, JOST_shadowtrooper, zJOST_Shadowtrooper replacement.pk3(s)
File Size: ~13.2mb
Date Released : 14-10-2006

New Sounds: No
Shaders: Yes
Bot Support: Yes
New Models: No
New Textures: Yes
New Icons: Yes
Team Colours: Yes
Jedi Outcast Support: Yes

Credits: Sharad Hett (For the original Idea), NeoMarz1, Selek.

Description: Recently there has been many experimentations of Shadow Trooper reskins on 'The Void'
	     This is another variation I did. I based it off an unfinished project by Sharad Hett.
             I made most of my textures from the exception of the metal plating on the torso and behind the thighs,
             this is from Neomarz1's Magnaguard,I used this to improve the skin in general since I couldn't find anything
	     else that would fit. I would like to thank my friend Selek, for letting me use the shader on his skin for my icons,
             and getting some sound files - cheers for that Sel.

	     As a little bonus this skin will work in Jedi Outcast as well, simply extract the pk3s in the JO_File folder
             to your Jedi Outcast game data base. There Singleplayer replacements in the folders which need to be extracted
             with the other pk3 in the folder, in order for it to work.

             I would recommend if you have a computer which supports dynamicglow and high textures, with minimal lag that you play
             with those settings to experience the full potential of the skin. Other than that enjoy.

            Skin commands - /model JOst_shadowtrooper


Comments: Best played in dynamicglow.
          Special Thanks to Buffy for getting me screens.

* How to install * 

Just extract the .pk3 into the GameData/base in your game directory, and it is selectable among the usual 
Multiplayer MODS. 

* Copyright / Permissions * 

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