Sergeant Res



Wiki article on the Star Wars Fanon Wiki that he has written all about this character! Now you cant get a better back story than that! Ok, so maybe the character was originally a Clone afterall, but at least he here is a Stormie. ;)Based on HapSlashs improved Stormtrooper model and skin, this new Stormie skin has been given a new paint job, something you dont see on a Stormtrooper every day! Some new colourful stripes have been added to the helmet and body armour for the default and team skins, with the team skins obviously having blue and red parts for the team colours. Another plus side is that there is also bot support for this skin.Personally I think the idea of a customised personal Stormtrooper is a great idea and I would love to see more skins of this kind with customised markings in a proper Star Wars style, rather than having huge clan logos and letters emblazoned all over them.Overall good work here, although as I have said with Clonehunters Clonetrooper skins, I think the coloured markings need to be a bit duller and more scuffed up since they look a bit too bright and clean. Thats just my opinion however!If you guys like the look of this, then give it a download, and I hope this inspires more people to make their own customised Stormtrooper skins with cool back stories! :)New Sounds: NoBot Support: YesTeam Support: Yes~Nozyspy~


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