around, I have for you an update on the Shadow-Blade model of olden days. The first arrival of this man was met by our very own Kouen, who had this to say:

This guy really looks like something nVidia would put on the front of their GeForce boxes. Y'know, the whole 3D mascot thing they always do. Of course, the XFX wolf is so much cooler, but whatever.Anyway, what we have here is... a Shadowtrooper wearing modified Swamptrooper armor? 'twould seem so.Well, Shadow-Blade is apparently a dual-orange-saber-wielding bounty hunter using modified armor based on the Swamptrooper's design. With elements of a Shadowtrooper mixed in for good measure. Interesting mix.The skinning job done here is competent, that I will say, if not a bit dark. Hard to notice any of the detail in the skin. It's there, you just have to look very closely. I had to change the ModView background to crimson just to see anything - other colors clashed with it. Then again, I suppose being dark is pretty much the entire point.Anyway, what you see is pretty much what you get. There's no major negatives for me to comment on, aside from the lack of shaders which would have complemented the skin well. Oh, and the team differences need to be more noticable. Almost impossible to tell the difference in-game unless you're at close range, which can be a problem if friendly fire is enabled.I'll leave it up to you to decide whether you like it or not, I hold a neutral opinion, and my views aren't really important anyway.~ Kouen

"But Jose, why should I download this?" you ask? Well, because I say so (but we'll get to that later) and because this is an improvement over Raschu's previous attempt at bringing his beast to virtual life. The changes can be counted on the digits of your left hand (or right, whichever you prefer). Raschu here added shaders (some chrome to the limbs and head), new armour for our bounty hunter and better team support so you now don't have to worry about blasting a hole into your buddy's back in the heat of battle.So what say I in conclusion? This is certainly a very nice improvement over the previous version. Raschu seems to have put quite a bit of effort into this (alas, that effort seems to have run out by the time he got to the gloves) and the end result looks spiffy indeed. Still no option to have thine computing instrument control this armoured creation, so there is still something to add.Till our paths cross again, I bid you farewell.- JoseBot support: Not this timeTeam support: Better! Yay!New sounds: Yup


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