Shadow Blade Final



and I had this to say:

Fair greetings to you all! Jose Carlos is what I'm called (although some refer to me as Osiris, but that's another story) and I come before you every now and then to deliver a gift of sorts.This time around, I have for you an update on the Shadow-Blade model of olden days. The first arrival of this man was met by our very own Kouen, who had this to say:Quoting Kouen here."But Jose, why should I download this?" you ask? Well, because I say so (but we'll get to that later) and because this is an improvement over Raschu's previous attempt at bringing his beast to virtual life. The changes can be counted on the digits of your left hand (or right, whichever you prefer). Raschu here added shaders (some chrome to the limbs and head), new armour for our bounty hunter and better team support so you now don't have to worry about blasting a hole into your buddy's back in the heat of battle.So what say I in conclusion? This is certainly a very nice improvement over the previous version. Raschu seems to have put quite a bit of effort into this (alas, that effort seems to have run out by the time he got to the gloves) and the end result looks spiffy indeed. Still no option to have thine computing instrument control this armoured creation, so there is still something to add.Till our paths cross again, I bid you farewell.- JoseBot support: Not this timeTeam support: Better! Yay!New sounds: Yup

I'll not waste time. The adjustments to the base skin aren't that many. The bodysuit under the armour and hands have a new texture and there's now a second head texture for those who want to gaze into his blue eyes. Raschu added a stealth version, which is a Shadowtrooper clad in Shadow-Blade's less bulky and less glowy armour. There's also an addition of some darker weapons and a new, oranger shield effect (which looks rather strange).What else? There are glowmaps in the folders, but the shader doesn't use them. Team support is also gone. There's no bot nor npc support. But let that not distract from the fun. It's still a good skin (although the shading is a bit too strong in some places). Raschu's done a fine job indeed.Intelligence is the bane of all creators.- JoseNPC support: NopeBot support: NayTeam support: GoneNew sounds: Yup


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