Shadow Priest's Kill Tracker

A nice-looking kill tracker with a few extra features


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A nice-looking kill tracker with a few extra features

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***ShadowPriest's Kill Tracker v1.0***
Made by: Steven McDougall
How Long it took: 2 weeks
Comment: This is better than mau'dae's AND a little bit better than KTX, i have new features that weren't possible before...
* !kills = send kills to chat
* !time = send time to chat
* I have made "Separate Messages" meaning when you kill, kick, annihilate, throw to doom, TELEFRAG, saber, someone... they come up with different messages
FULLY customizable!

Future: I am currently working on customizable stuff that will make an 8000 pound sumo-wrestler look like webster 8D hehe,
i will NOT! be answering any comments on site on my download, i don't have enough time, sry :(
too busy working on new features that will make it so that kill tracker can say something when ANOTHER person type something like !time for an example.... :)


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