Shadowtrooper 2.0 + Bonus

MistaMM has quite a haul here for you guys. Not only do you get a skin, but like, a bonus pack of mini-mods and other skins too! Um, yay! So...


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MistaMM has quite a haul here for you guys. Not only do you get a skin, but like, a bonus pack of mini-mods and other skins too! Um, yay! So, anyway, about the skin. From the looks of it, all he's done is added a shader. :/ Though the team skins look good.

Onto the mini mods:

(The screens are in the order in which I describe each thing.)

1. Detpack Nuclear Bomb - Yeah, yikes. This will change your little explosion that we're used to with det packs into that monstrosity you see in the screen.

2. Flechette Sylvester - Those pretty blue stars will float around you and remain for quite a while. The first burst is a bit blinding and is just a big cloud of blue, that turns into the trail you see in the screen.

3. Glas Trooper - This changes a Trooper into well, one made of glass, apparently. I think I've seen this before. :/

4. Holo Desann - With this mini mod, Desann becomes like, invisible, but not quite. Or maybe just really blue?

5. Hybrid Sabers - The only word that comes to mind when I thought of describing these sabers is "fuzzy". They just like, have a bigger glow than the regular saber, y'know?

6. Luke-o-Lectric - This little pk3 will change your Luke into well, like, a mass of electricity kinda thing.

7. Really Fat Naught - The title pretty much sums it up. This is a really, really big Ugnaught. Enormous really. Read the readme to figure out how to encounter this character in SP.

8. Red Shield Saber - Looks to me almost like a red glass saber. Or something. Kinda cool.

9. Red Shock Repeater - When using the alternate fire on the repeater with this mod installed, you get a big block of red light and then the regular effect from the gun. :/

10. Thermal Nuclear Bomb - Finally, the biggest effect yet. When using this mod, toss a thermal det out, then sit back and watch the display. No, really, have a seat. It takes a while for the blinding lights to subside.

Overall opinion: There were some elements of this whole pack that I liked, but a lot I didn't. Some were boring and had been done before, and others just didn't seem to have much effort put into them. Unfortunately, the author seemed to think quantity would outweigh quality. :/ The effects from some of the gun mini mods just lasted too long and were too bright. I can't imagine playing for very long with those effects and using more than one thermal det, y'know?

Very good job though, for someone who's submitting their stuff for the first time. I can't say I'm not impressed by just the variety of what you've done here. But my advice is that you pick one skin/mod and just focus on that for a while before moving onto something new. :)

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/>-boot up system...
/>-checking hardware...complete...
/>-searching Readthis.txt
/>-opening editor.exe...
/>-opening Readthis.txt...



-->shiny, reflective textures
-->brighter colors
-->new icons
-->bonus stuff


This is my first skin I sent to

Just put the Shadowtrooper...pk3 into /gamedata/base.


If you want to remove this file then you have to delete it (muahhaaa...easy)!

This file replaces the original Shadowtrooper.

--<Bonus-stuff installation>--

Put all the pk3's into /gamedata/base.


Hint: You can't find the fat ugnaught?? Start a single-player game and start a map like 
"devmap bespin_streets" (without the " ") now the cheats are activated. type in console "npc spawn ugnaught" you need some space for this guy because he is reeeaaallyyy faaat!!

Delete the pk3's if you want to remove them.

--<Info about me>--

I'm playing JK2 for more than 1 year. My nickname is MistaMM, for now it's =[UfC]=MistaMM.
I'm 15 and I'm form germany.
JK2 is the best game I've played for 5 years. It won't get boring, everyday I play the game I meet friends, I duel  and I make little mods=)




Hope you'll have fun playing my mods and the shadowtrooper2.0!!

Sorry for my english ;-)

Cya all

/>-end of transmission...
/>-closing Readthis.txt...
/>-system shutdown...

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