Shafted Beta 2.0

Initial Analysis:

A less than stellar map. It has drawbacks and nuisances. Neither I nor Jk2files will be held responsible for the odd fe...


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File Description

Initial Analysis:

A less than stellar map. It has drawbacks and nuisances. Neither I nor Jk2files will be held responsible for the odd feeling of lost time while playing this map.

File Description:

First off let me say that the architecture in Super Steve's "Shafted Beta 2.0" was not good. It’s a duel map. Yet it had virtually no where to duel, and basically all of the areas are ETREMELY constricting. Nothing worth mentioning on the texture choices. On top of the main dueling area there were horrible lighting problems. No bot support here. And I got an unplayable mp3 error when loading the map. The dead ends here are obvious and make me curious about the author's intent. This map leaves me confused on how to fairly criticize it. Texturing is where this map fails. VERY repetitive graphics cover the blocky sides of the floor and walls…the only mentionable colors are the bespin sky. I can barely even see what’s going on in the ..ummm..duel area? Oh well, this IS a beta version release…

I'm pleased to report however that this level had no fatal errors or crashes, so if you are so inclined you can play this map without worrying about that.

Download Factor:

A poem will suffice I suppose. "Will you use this pk3? I will not use this pk3. Not in a my comp ... or friends pc. Would you like it here or there? I would not like it here or there. I would not like it anywhere! I do not like this pk3! I do not like it, Super Steve!"

Not intending to be harsh. Good luck in future mapping Steve. However I simply cannot recommend this download.

Bot Support: No New Textures: No New Music: Yes - did not load correctly Game Types: Duel

Happy gaming -


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Monday, June 25th 2003  
Map Name                : Shafted Beta 2.0
Author                  : Super Steve
Email Address           :
Website URL :
Map description         : This is my first map for JKII and I would like it if anybody that plays this level to E-Mail me any suggestions they might have, and report any glicthes.   

Other info              :  Duel only, ffa coming soon, recommended for 1on1 play only.

Additional Credits to   :Beta,  

Thanks to               : LEC for making such a fun game.
* Play Information *

New Sounds              : NO
New Skins               : NO
New Objects             : NO

* Construction *
Brush Count             : ?
Vert Count              : ?
Entity Count            : ?
Base info               : New map made from scratch.
Software used           : JK2 Radiant
Known Bugs              : There are some bugs when playing with bots, sometimes.
Build Time              : a few days, working on it off and on.

* How to use this map *

Put the shafted_beta_2.0.pk3 into the base folder then select from the menu in game.

* Copyright / Permissions *


This map may be distributed electronically as long as all content remains unaltered and this document is included.

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