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There are three main skins included in this pack, of which the best is (by far) the shadowtrooper reskin, the 'original' Silent Killer. Th...


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There are three main skins included in this pack, of which the best is (by far) the shadowtrooper reskin, the 'original' Silent Killer. The armour here with the blue tint, coupled with the general sleekness of the model creates a very nice looking piece of work - unfortunately its somewhat spoiled by the otherwise scratty writing along the back of the skin - a feature too common nowadays, and it adds nothing whatsoever to the skin. It may be that this is only a recolor of some sort, but it works well. The other two are noticeably of less quality, especially the topless skin (At least, I think it's supposed to be topless...)

Now after this, we have *shudder* two reborn reskins, one clad in a gold/yellow suit, which looks pretty snazzy, along with the symbols going down the back which look embossed, but theres some small texture errors at the top of the arms. Here, I've saved the worst till last, and this is the top one - see screenshot #3. I can't say I'm a fan of the red scribble on his arm, and the body has no definition to it - it's just pinky :( And it'a also a reborn. I don't know why people like to reskin reborns ;) Anyways, moving on.

There's team support for the final topless skin, but the only thing that changes is the colour of the hood - the other two seem to be lacking this for some reason. They all also have bot support which is very nice, but no sounds (that worked at least.) Overall it's a reather mixed pack. There's nothing hugely original or fantastic to be found, but some of it is pretty decent. I guess it really depends what you like, so have a look!

New Sounds: No Team Support: Limited Bot Support: Yes

~Szico VII~

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Jedi Knight 2 Model Info

Title: 		Silent Assassin
Author: 	^S^i^l^e^n^t.Assassin (aka Silent:Assassin)

File Name:	silentassassin.pk3
PK3 Size:	1.7mb (approx)
Date Released:	11 March, 2005

Description:	Here is a personal skin of mine which I created a while ago. It 
		based on my old -=DJA=-Master skin (from when I was Deathmore, the
		skin was never released). There are 3 skins in total -

		Silent Assassin - The newest Silent Assassin skin. Black Reborn,
		no top, face mask, scar and red eyes, upper arm bands. Red and Blue
		team skins included.

		Silent Assassin Original - My first version of Silent Assassin. Very
		simple ShadowTrooper skin modification. Pretty much just a colour
		change. No team support.

		Scorpion - A personal skin of a friends. Similar to the Silent
		Assassin skin, but yellow, and has a top (just sleeveless arms).
		Resembles Scorpion from Mortal Kombat. No team skins.

Installation:	Extract the file silentassassin.pk3 to the /GameData/base file
		in your JK2 installation folder

Instructions:	Select skin from the Player Screen or go into the console and 
type -
		/model silentassassin/default		(Silent Assassin skin)
		/model silentassassin/red or /blue      (SA team skins)
		/model SA_original/default		(ShadowTrooper SA)
		/model scorpion/default			(Scorpion skin)

Bot Support?	Yes. For all 3 skins.
Team Support?	Yes, for SilentAssassin skin.

Credits:	Thanks to for the "Custom Skinning Tutorial" which
		helped me a lot with the basics. Also, obviously credit goes to Lucas
		Arts, or whoever made the Reborn model for them, to make this possible.


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