{SITH} Clan Castle (v1.1)

First thing I can say about this map is that it's huge. It may not look like it at first sight, but trust me, it is. The {SITH} Clan Castle...


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First thing I can say about this map is that it's huge. It may not look like it at first sight, but trust me, it is. The {SITH} Clan Castle is full of rooms for dueling, some offices and lots of crawl spaces and stuff.

The castle isn't physically large - in fact, the back is like, completely cut off. But inside, it's enormous. Outside are three ships and really I think this area is just for looks, even though it doesn't look that great. I'm assuming this is Racer's first map. There appears to be a bit of an error with the spectating. If you spectate and go to the top of the castle, you can see the rest of the map as if you were noclipping, y'know? Anyway, the focus of this map has to be the dueling arenas. There's a place for people to watch and not be in the same room, which was a good idea. And there are quite a few obstacles in each room to make for interesting and challenging duels. There are several secrets and points of interest in this map, though nothing looks particularly great. You're going to have to explore it yourself to see what I mean.

There is bot support, but no new music, which is a shame. But this is only version 1.1, so there may be an update. We'll see. :) I did find a bit of z-fighting here and there, but it wasn't glaring or anything. Fairly minor. Not bad, especially if it's a first map. :)

Bot Support: Yes New Textures: Yes New Music: No Game Types: FFA, TFFA


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Download 'sithmapjk211.zip' (2.71MB)

{SITH} Clan Castle version 1.1
by Racer

My other (unfinished) maps: http://geocities.com/th3_r4c3r/mymaps.html 

New textures: Yes
New shaders: Yes
New models: Yes (Noghri weapon, Sith statue, and Sith coffin from JKA)
New music: No
Botroutes: Yes

GAME TYPES: FFA and Team FFA only.

INSTALLATION: Extract "sithmap.pk3" to your base folder.

NOTES: Plenty of secret areas for dueling or items. Be sure to examine the glowing {SITH} logos closely.

Thanks to the {SITH} clan members, especially {SITH}DarthTyranus and {SITH}Cougar[BG] for the ideas and evalations. Feel free to use any of the custom textures in this map for your own works (be sure to give credit to Racer if you do) EXCEPT the {SITH} logo. Any problems you have you'll have to work out for yourself; I'm not giving out my e-mail address. :P

HOW TO GET OUT OF THE WAREHOUSE-LEVEL VENT: Okay, so you've looked around and found out that there's a section of a vent whose floor explodes. Congratulations, this is one of the many secret areas! But it's a long way down, so you might want to know how to get back up to the main levels. Simply stand at the bottom of the vent so you can see the light from above and jump up--press forward while jumping as well. There's a tiny piece of the floor left behind that you can somehow stand on--a screenshot is included.

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