Sith Merc Kyle



Today is just one of those days where I can't think of how to start a review... I must have gone through about 5 different intros before finally just deciding that I was going to B.S. my way through it. And see how well it turned out? :p

Anyway, I have for you all the third and final version of Varen Thrad's (aka Darth Revan's) Sith Merc Kyle skin. Since I lost the page with the other version in all the open programs I have right now, I am just going to review this as if it were the first version. :D

The first noticeable change I saw was the clothes. They seem to have been desaturated and darkened to near pure-blackness. The face seems to have been made paler, with hardly visible veins added to it. The eyes have been made a yellow-orange and red color, fitting a true Sith. A scar has also been added over the right eye. Team skins change the jacket's color to a very dark red or a very dark blue, depending on the team skin chosen.

So what do I think could use changing? Well, first of all, the clothes do not need to be that dark. People still want to see some texture to the skin, not just darkness. Second, the veins could be a bit more obvious. If you added them to make the skin look more like a Sith, then they should be visible to people without zooming in so much. Third, the scar could look a lot more realistic. Right now it just looks like a red line over the eye.

Included with this skin is a saber, and a SP version of this as well.

If you like this, give it a download.


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JEDI KNIGHT II MODIFICATION / Changes Kyle in JK3 as well

Title			: Sith_Merc_Kyle
Author			: Sith_Merc_Kyle by Varen Thrad / Darth Revan
E-Mail			: [email protected]

File Name		: Sith_Merc_Kyle.pk3
File Size		: 5.42 MB
Date Released		: 8/18/07

Description		: This mod is the last version I am going to make of this mod in it I fixed the problems like makeing it not overwrite ib merc kyle I also made the scar more realistic 
as well as made the chest armor look like normal metal just to make him a little less black, I also made his holster black and made his face have vanes running through it they are barly 
visible but make him more sith-like rather than just pale &quot;I would have fixed it sooner but my old computer broke&quot;, other than that every thing else has remained the same since 
last version &quot;including the saber&quot; and I hope to have more time to make mods in the future.

Installation            : Extract the Sith_Merc_Kyle.pk3 and the Sith_Merc_Kyle-SP.pk3
and Sith_Merc_Kyle_Saber.pk3
into the BASE folder of your Jedi Outcast directory. If you wish to play Single
Player with the model, you need both pk3s in the base folder. Having the single
player mod on will replace the default JO Kyle model for multiplayer as well
if you want the saber mod that pk3 must be in the base folder as well if you do not just remove it
it will change the blue saber and give the streek efect to all sabers. 
If you wish to turn off the SP mod and restore the default MP Kyle, simply 
move/delete the Sith_Merc_Kyle-SP.pk3 from the base directory. As long as the 
other one remains in the base directory (Sith_Merc_Kyle.pk3), then the MP model
of Sith_Merc_Kyle will be available to use.

Comments		: A special thanks goes out to Tim Eggena / Infinity Blade for creating the original of this model.
The model was made by Tim Eggena / Infinity Blade /edited by Varen Thrad &quot;Darth Revan&quot;


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