Sith Mercenary Kyle



Well, now we have version two of the Sith Mercenary Kyle. Or is it point two? I don’t know. Anyways, a few things have been changed since the last version, and I’ll go over them. First off, Kyle’s skin has been made paler…Does this make him a Sith? Not really. Is he just pale? Yes. The pants have been darkened, and I think the coat was also darkened, so that it’s almost totally black. I looked at the texture and saw a small lighter patch, and it wasn’t dust on my monitor. There’s been a slight change with the sabers. Your saber hilt is now red and orange, and the blade has been edited as well. For those changes, look at the screenshots.

Now, I may be going on a rant, but I feel justified. The author did not change the folder the skin is in, so it overrides the regular mercenary Kyle. The author didn’t even make his own readme! He just took the old readme and added on! How lazy can a person get? It’s not THAT hard to look at a template and edit it…but to just add stuff on? I find that lazy. As for changing the folder…you have to change all of…three, maybe four things? Again, I find this to be a mark of laziness. But I really have nothing against the author. Oh, another thing. This is a note to everyone: Please give us screenshots in JPG format ONLY. Not BMP, not PNG. JPG. And a proper JPG at that! I keep seeing 300-700Kb screenshots out there, when by all means it really shouldn’t take 250Kb. And that’s with Jedi Academy taking the screenshots! Anyways, please try to keep the screenshots in a reasonable JPG format, because our system will not accept a monster 700Kb JPG, and we have to open it and re-save it as a proper JPG. Easy? Sure. But very annoying when you have to do ten. The gist of this is: If your screenshot is over 300Kb in size (and is a jpg) then open it up in paint and resave it. Sorry for the rant.

A couple changes, nothing really big. If you like it, check it out.

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JEDI KNIGHT II MODIFICATION / Changes Kyle in JK3 as well

Title			: sith-merc-kyle
Author			: ib-merc_kyle by Tim Eggena / Infinity Blade sith-merc-kyle=Varen Thrad / Darth Revan
E-Mail			: [email protected]

File Name		: ib-merc_kyle.pk3 / new= Sith-merc-kyle
File Size		: 5.42 MB
Date Released		: 1/10/07

Description		: This mod is my first it is simply a mod of a mod my thanks all goes to Tim Eggena / Infinity Blade.
I thought his mod was outstanding but I decided Kyle needed to look more Sith just beacuse Sith are just cool I basicly turned the clothing black changed the belt gave Kyle sith eyes and a scar.
also in multiplayer I edited the clothing so while playing on the red team or blue team only the color of your coat changes rather than your pants as well
once agen thank you Tim Eggena / Infinity Blade I hope you all enjoy my mod.

Description 2
			: I decided to do some more work on my mod and changed a few things to make kyle look more sith-like
First I changed the skin to be pale and then changed the pants to be darker I also changed the coat to no longer have the vertical seam on the back
and I got rid of the squar on the front of the coat I also changed the variations of color for red/blue team to be darker this time around I added a saber
which changes your hilt to be dark red and changes your blade to be red with orange in the middle and that mod also gives a more realistic swing efect
that is about how much I changed if you want to save space I would recomend deleteing the previews like I said in my old description I hope you enjoy my mod
P.S every time I tryed to change the MP previews or character name it glitched up so I could not.

Installation            : Extract the sith-merc-kyle.pk3 and the sith-merc-kyle-SP.pk3
and sith-merc_saber.pk3
into the BASE folder of your Jedi Outcast directory. If you wish to play Single
Player with the model, you need both pk3s in the base folder. Having the single
player mod on will replace the default JO Kyle model for multiplayer as well
if you want the saber mod that pk3 must be in the base folder as well if you do not just remove it
it will change the blue saber and give the streek efect to all sabers. 
If you wish to turn off the SP mod and restore the default MP Kyle, simply 
move/delete the sith-merc-kyle-SP.pk3 from the base directory. As long as the 
other one remains in the base directory (sith-merc-kyle.pk3), then the MP model
of sith-merc-kyle will be available to use.

Comments		: A special thanks goes out to Tim Eggena / Infinity Blade for creating the original of this model.
The model was made by Tim Eggena / Infinity Blade /edited by Varen Thrad "Darth Revan"


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