Sith Stadium

The Sith need entertainment too, right? With new textures, bot support, and new sounds, this map is aimed to entertain the Sith species, wh...


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The Sith need entertainment too, right? With new textures, bot support, and new sounds, this map is aimed to entertain the Sith species, when they were still around. In the main area is a massive courtyard, with a red, translucent pillar-type thing in the middle which kills you instantly should you walk into it. The central courtyard area leads to six areas that are fit for dueling. However, when I say six, there are really only 2 different rooms. If you take the elevator up to the top from any corner of the map, and go down the slide into the red lit or blue lit entrances to the rooms at the top of the level, you will fall down into what looks to be a dank, foggy tomb or something of the sort, which is great for duels. I’ve always liked duels in foggy areas. :rock: The overhangs along the sides of these rooms are stocked with weapons, and there is a huge pillar in the middle of the room for no apparent reason. If you decide to walk up one of the four pyramids from the courtyard and venture inside, you will find yourself in a tiny room with some swaying bushes, and more weapons. And that’s about all the map has to offer.

I believe this map could be great, if more effort were put into it. Having six separate rooms, I would expect each room to be different in some way from the other rooms. Also, the lighting in the main area could be better. Dark is good for Sith’s, but wandering around the main courtyard, I could hardly see in some places. Also, I noticed a few instances of heavy Z-Fighting. On the positive side, the music in this map is great, and the FPS in the large courtyard area is respectable. I would say this map would be awesome if all the rooms were tweaked a little bit, just to have some variety. :) Then this map would be pretty cool. But for now, it’s just an average map.

~Lord Griever~

New Textures - Yes New Music - Yes Bot Support - Yes

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Download '' (4.81MB)


Extract the pk3 to Gamedata/base folder in your Jedi Outcast directory.

Level Name	:  Sith Stadium
Author		:  Jenacen
Author's email	:
Website		:
Description	:  This level is a stretch of my own imagination.  The level is 
an ancient sith stadium that was used by an unknown race of sith for their 
own entertainment and other unknown purposes.  The race of unknown sith are 
long gone, but there are still a few old traps in the stadium.

Thanks:  To R_Drachemorder for submitting my files for me because my e-mail 
server couldn't do the job. :)  Thanks to Fabier for creating the music for 
me. :)

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