Sith Tomb

First off, this is a singleplayer mod for Jedi Outcast. This includes a reskin for the reborn (to make it look undead), and a relativ...


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First off, this is a singleplayer mod for Jedi Outcast. This includes a reskin for the reborn (to make it look undead), and a relatively big map. So let’s get to the review, shall we?

Why the installer? No really, why have your mod packaged in an installer? For all we know, you might have packaged ten viruses into it (But there weren’t any viruses in it, thank goodness.) But really – an installer is not necessary. We know where to put a mod, and how to run it…Well….at least… you should. But as I’ve said, an installer is something that’s just not needed.

The map itself was very simple, and also very blockish. There was little to no architecture, and the textures were plain. But putting that issue aside, the npc’s in this map were pretty hard, almost too hard, although I haven’t played JKA or JK2 in a while. But, there is a lot of trickery in this map, at least the two first parts. I couldn’t get past the first part of the map and had to ask for a walkthrough – which is something that you don’t get. (Nyah nyah) One area of this map in particular was really annoying. That area was basically a checkerboard where if you stepped on one part of it you would take damage. And you would take it fast! Even if you were on it in the slightest bit you would most likely die. That was just annoying to get past.

But anyways, this does have a lot of reborns/npcs to fight. Maybe too many… Oh well. This map was inspired by a level in Indiana Jones and the Emperor’s Tomb (I think it was called that, going from memory). I played that game. Never got far, but my brothers beat it, and that tank level was really annoying for them. Anyways, there is a part in the map which seems a lot like that level, albeit this level is muuuch shorter. If you want a simple, yet interesting single player map, then download this.


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Download '' (4.86MB)

Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast
TITLE: Sith Tomb
E-MAIL: [email protected] 
MOD NAME: Sith Tomb
GAME: JKII (Jedi Outcast)
CATEGORY: Mods>Single Player

FILENAME: sith_tomb.exe 
DATE RELEASED: 26 November 2006 

CREDITS: Me (For making this map, reskins of Tavion and Reborn Boss and for editing the dms.dat and npcs.cfg) Lucasarts (For making Indiana Jones and The Emperor's Tomb that inspired me and making this cool game)

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Extract and open sith_tomb.exe and then just follow the instructions (A shortcut to my mod should appear on the desktop)

DESCRIPTION: This is a Sith Tomb on an Unknown planet (It's not Korriban). Here you can find: Secrets, Dangers and Imperials that are searching the tomb for Desann... There are Reborn Bosses but they are UNDEAD and 3 or 4 times STRONGER...There is also the UNDEAD Tavion...She's the strongest Undead creature...If you don't want to fight her, just don't open a big grave.

STORY: A long time ago on a planet far, far away...There was a Sith Tomb, Kyle and Jan were asked to go there and investigate, Jan refused to go there, because it's a Sith Tomb and that's the work for a Jedi, so Kyle had to go alone...He has received information, that the tomb leads to another dimension, where the main Sith (Desann) killed on Yavin 4 is alive. Also he has got and information about Imperial troops investigating the Tomb. If Kyle won't stop them, Desann could come back.

HOW TO PLAY: When you start the mod (possibly from the desktop) press Shift+~ to bring up the console, write "map sith_tomb" and press enter. And then play. The game is Won when you kill Desann.

BUGS: All bugs will be corrected in version 2.

COMMENTS: It was alot of work. The Sith Tomb is my first "good" SP map...It's also the hardest...


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