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Here we have your basic Reborn reskin, this one made by -=]SITHDUKE[=-. I haven't decided yet if the design on the back of the skin is a sunburst or fire. But considering this is a Sith skin and supposed to be scary, let's go with fire. His eyes are definitely the most frightening element on this skin. He looks completely insane. Which could be the explanation for the weird, random face paint stuff. (IMO, it looks like there's no pattern whatsoever to the face design.) I listened to the taunt over and over and maybe it's my lack of caffine, I still have no idea what he's saying.

Overall, I think the artist did a decent job. I do like the back of the skin, and if I were to ever use this skin, that's all I would see, so that's all that should matter, right? LOL I'm sorry, the face thing just looks too random to me and chaotic. But maybe that's what he was going for and maybe that's what floats your boat! If so, d/l away.

Bot Support: No Team Colors: Yes New Sounds: Yes (taunt, anyway)


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Download '' (1.07MB)


Simply, Extract sithduke.pk3 to you Base folder 
located in you Jedi Knight Directory. 

Typically Here:

(C:\Program Files\LucasArts\Star Wars JK II Jedi Outcast\GameData\base)

-=]File Info[=-

Based on a Reborn...and yes ANOTHER REBORN! hehe!

This is my Very n00bish attempt at creating a skin that suited me :D!
On the face you may notice facial art colour scheme resembling Archangel's Character.
The head and hood are where the detail lies if you can call it detail lol!
I am still adding to it so please only constructive critisism! Any techniques
that would be usefull let me know!

Developer name: -=]SITHDUKE[=-

Clan Website:


-=]Kudo Notes[=-

Decorated hood with flame patterns and noticable Deep yellow eyes. I have
Also made the saber hilt used the actual reborn saber hilt used in Single Player.

Its Supposed to be a mean looking sith reborn skin.
Whether you think i have failed or succeeded i realy only done
this just for me so i wasnt aiming for realism!

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