SK Tournament

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Commando, this map is definitely more clan themed, having SK banners hanging in various places (the way the banners wave as if in a breeze is a nice touch). Despite that though this is still a good map for any clan/guild to use for its training potential, especially as far as jump training and duelling is concerned.The sinking pillars are excellent for jump training, since the threat of an unpleasant death in that lave pit is excellent motivation to not to miss! And there is no time to catch your breath when you do land, because as soon as you do the pillar starts sinking into the lava! One thing I should point out here though is that the pillars take ages to come back up. Personally I think they should be a bit quicker to reappear, as this would make them more useful to use during duels, but thats just my opinion.There are also two duel pads, one at the bottom and one up top, both being accessed via forcefield walkways which can be turned off, thus sealing any combatants on the duel platform until they have finished and stopping anyone from... running away! Muahaha! There is also a small admin room hidden away somewhere... ;)On another note, I think the choice of music for this map is excellent and certainly much more in keeping with the theme of the map than that used for the SK Arena map I reviewed the other day, but again, thats just me!All in all another nice map from Stormcrow, your clan sure have some nice maps to play on! :DBot Support: YesNew Textures: YesNew Sounds: NoNew Music: YesGame Types: FFA, TFFA, CTF, Holocron, Jedi Master~Nozyspy~


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