Sky High

This is a VERY good FFA/TDM map. It has BOT support although slightly wavy in parts. The deatils are very good and so is the overall conce...


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This is a VERY good FFA/TDM map. It has BOT support although slightly wavy in parts. The deatils are very good and so is the overall concept of the map. The auther recommends 5 to 20 people but i think anything less than 10 would not be enough. The only niggle i have is the depth of the hole in what looks like a power room. Also the hight in there could be just a bit more to allow jumping from the higher platform. Overall its a must get for TDM and large FFA players.

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==============	Jedi Outcast Multiplayer Level	==============

Level Name: Sky High

Author: Mark "Gonk" Fanucci
e-mail: or

Date of Release: April 29, 2002

Description: A medium-sized FFA level that is actually my first released level for any brush-edited game (and for any Quake engine, for that matter). Set in Cloud City, run around and drop your friends (AND BOTS!) off of ledges, etc. etc. Enjoy!

Compile time: 14 mins. 58 sec.
Total Build time: Approx. 1 week

Beta Testers: Wazzit, Dracard, Threnody, Rivin, Jeff Walters, Rage, Jon Clark (Jon`C) everyone else I'm forgetting, basically all of the #cc peoples..

Development machine: AMD Athlon XP 2000 (1.6GHz), 512mb DDRRAM, Nvidia GeForce 3
Machines tested on: AMD Athlon XP 2000 (1.6GHz), 512mb DDRAM, Nvidia GeForce 4 Ti 4600 (NOT MINE!)
		    AMD Athlon XP (1 GHz), 512mb DDRRAM, Nvidia GeForce 4 Ti 4600 (fourwood), etc.

Thanks: To all the beta testers (listed above), Raven for making this glorious game, Id software for the Q3 engine and all it's whizbang features, LucasArts for deciding to finally release a sequel to JK, and, last but not least, the great bearded, plaid-wearing one, for creating all of this "Star Wars" stuff I keep hearing so much about.


Known Bugs: At two points the bots seem to get hung up, why this is, I have no idea. Aside from that there is a largely menial pop-in in one area from another, it has no hit on framerate, and I unfortunately couldn't fix it without there being serious problems in other parts of the level, so I figured it was best to leave it as is. (It's hardly noticeable unless you look for it, anyways.)

============== Installing ==============

Extract all contents in your \Star Wars JK II Jedi Outcast\GameData\base\ folder, then simply start JOMP and select create game, then choose FFA or Team FFA, and then Sky High.

============== Features ================

Bots: YES! (Bot pathing is somewhat buggy, but they're in there.)
Supported Play modes: FFA, Team FFA
Recommended player load: 5-20 players (though it performs pretty well at 20+)


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