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Hallelujah! Roof Top comes with a well-done readme file! That's something to be happy about right there, but you all came for the map rev...


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Hallelujah! Roof Top comes with a well-done readme file! That's something to be happy about right there, but you all came for the map review, so here goes:

Not exactly the world's greatest duel map, but suitably entertaining nevertheless, Roof Top is a garden-variety showcase: you've got your primary level, your secondary level a short hop down, your tertiary level through a small (and for all rights and purposes, one-way) entryway, and your atmospheric TIE Fighter in the background to make you feel all warm and toasty inside. The spawn point is inside the main building, from which you exit out onto the primary dueling field: a square platform encircling the spawn point, with a couple boxes tossed in for good measure. The secondary level is an L-shaped platform attached to the main structure, far enough down to have its own form, but not so much as to leave the top level inaccessible to a sturdy Force jump. One end of the L is home to a lift of some sort; a trio of boxes runs on an endless circular path down into the tertiary dueling area, providing access and limiting easy escape. The third area is the only one with any semblance of color, and it's a nice change from the monochromatic drabness of the rest of the map. Within, the floor is self-lit and a quartet of pipes can be seen at its end, some form of viscous blue liquid running its length from bottom to top.

The overall feel of the map is actually quite appealing; it is, for the most part, very, very dark, which makes fighting by the glow of saber blades the only reasonable method of spotting your opponent. The tertiary room provides an enjoyable change from the nocturnal dueling of the levels above, as all of a sudden your opponent is silhouetted against the glare of the floor. The fight quickly changes from a clash of the heavens, with two pinpricks of light battling it out in a damp void, to a metaphorical battle of the underworld, where the garish lighting turns duelers to comparatively dark figures of the night, strayed out of place into a land where they are not welcome. The feel is spot-on. The problem is, the execution's a little rough around the edges.

First off, while the lighting is conducive to some fine battles, there's much work still to be done. The aforementioned TIE fighter that pretty much rests in the background is only lit on one side -- the drive engines -- and that's the side that points towards you. A better possibility would have been to face the cockpit towards the center of the map and light it up, so you're not staring up the backside of the TIE's fuselage. The circular lift is a nifty idea, but it's harshly pulled off: two of the three containers routinely mesh together unrealistically, creating z-fighting and some very quirky visuals. The multiple-tiered level design works great, but the travel to and from the different levels creates gaps in the duelplay, so unless gamers are inventive, they won't move around all that much. Some sort of ramp way from the first to the second levels would have been a solid improvement, as it would allow duelplay to flow from one level to the next. Finally, the skybox seems to have been an afterthought, as there are stars below the level as well as above. Considering that this is a "roof top," it would probably have worked better if the lower half of the skybox tapered off to blackness, to give the impression of a land spreading out in all directions, black in the night.

The bottom line? It's a nice idea for a map, and if you've got an inventive duel partner (that sounds risqué, but it's not, I swear), you can have a pretty fun time with it. What's done is done above par, but there's not enough here to keep folks coming back to it again and again and again. Nevertheless, it's a solid map, with a solid concept behind it. If you're one for visual duels, grab it. If you lean more towards awesome duelplay, be a little tentative. If you're an FFA-er, stay far away. The map may say that it’s FFA as well as Duel in the readme, but it is far too small.

But Support: NO New Music: NO New Textures: NO Game types: DUEL, FFA

- Dan "ViperEye" Tennant

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Roof Top

Map Information
Name = Roof Top
Author = Slash88
Type = Multiplayer
Game Types = FFA,Duel

Bot Support = No
Custom Music = No
Custom Textures = No


All you have to do is extract the file "rooftop.pk3" into your "base" folder. If you didn't change the game's installation location on your harddisk, then your "base" folder should be in:

C:\Program Files\LucasArts\Star Wars JK II Jedi Outcast\GameData\base

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