This is a re-skin of the in-game Jedi model by mjlaipunkrock. This skin appears to be merely textured with the rendered cloud filter from Ph...


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File Description

This is a re-skin of the in-game Jedi model by mjlaipunkrock. This skin appears to be merely textured with the rendered cloud filter from Photoshop. The team variations differ by having Spider-Man-styled eyes and of course coloration respective of the team.

Mjlaipunkrock claims this is supposed to appear to be a whisp of smoke with a lightsaber, but unfortunately I don't agree. The looks more like a dirty and scrawny Frosty the Snowman. For it to appear smoky, you'd have to use more than cloud filter. Open Photoshop and create a new document with the same pixel dimensions as the texture file you want to change (e.g., 512x512, 512x256, etc.). Render a layer of clouds (Filter -> Render -> Clouds). Once you've rendered the clouds, go into quick mask mode (q) and render the clouds again (ctrl+f). You should see a transparent red cloud pattern. Exit quick mask mode (q) and delete the selection. You should now have a cloud pattern with areas cutout. Create a new layer and fill (k) it with black. Select the cloud layer and set it to screen. Use the smudge tool and motion blur filter to give the clouds a more whispy appearance. Save a copy (ctrl+alt+s) as a .tga (Targa format tends to work better with transparencies and alpha blending; also they hold a better resolution than .jpgs). This will be your shader base. Repeat this for each of the textures files (torso, head, face, etc.) until all the texture files have been replaced.

Unfortunately, I'm a n00b at shader editing, so hopefully someone will be able to comment on this, but what you need is a moving, transparent shader, somewhat similar to cloak.

So, good luck to ya, mate, and may the Schwartz be with you.

Technical Data:

Pros: 1) Creative and inventive idea, just needs some touching up.

Cons: 1) No bots and bugged sound.

Rating: 5/10

Bot Support: No Team Colors: Yes New Sounds: No (The files are there, but they are not properly named; rename them to taunt and gloat)

JEDIofONE :mepimp:

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------------SMOKE SKIN-------------


Version 1.0

Creator: mjlaipunkrock

Install: drag the "smoke.pk3" file into the base folder in jk2

Info: This skin is made to look like the player is a whisp of smoke with a lightsaber.



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